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  1. Tried that, 2 G.P'S at my practice said they wouldn't do it. Both said they weren't comfortable with the tablet being cut up, and that they would be prescribing proscar for something which its not intended. Explained that it's just a higher does of propecia, but they weren't for budging. £120 isn't a bad price compared to some.
  2. Just wanted to say thanks spex, the advice you gave in this forum has been invaluable to me.
  3. Hi just a heads up that Dr Ashcroft can still be contacted through his gmail :- jsashcroft@gmail.com Here is a quote from his email on prices "I can supply proscar. 2 packs for £90, 3 for £120, 4 for £150, 5 for £180. or generic 5mg is now available legally available in the UK. Generics has just the same drug as in proscar, but produced by a different company. I only supply finasteride that is licensed for the NHS. I can supply 2 packs for £60, 3packs for £80, 4 packs for £100, 5 packs £118" I ordered 3 packs for £120 and recived them in a couple of days. Hope this is a help for people looking for more affordable treatment.
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