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  1. Hey everybody, it’s Thursday! I thought that in order to celebrate this wonderful day of the week, I would try to start a new tradition. I’ve found that most people like to talk about themselves, and enjoy answering simple or hypothetical questions. So I’ll ask three questions each week for people to answer. Feel free to answer my current questions or my past questions (if you haven’t already done so) at any time. If for whatever reason you can’t or don’t want to answer a particular question feel free to skip over it, but please try to be truthful about the questions you do answer. Sometimes it’s hard to be specific and give just one answer to a question. It’s okay to give more than one answer, but try not to get too carried away. Ready? Here are your first set of questions: 1. If you could, what one thing would you change about your physical appearance? 2. What’s your favorite kind of ice cream? 3. What was (or is) your first automobile?
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