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  1. out of interest, why would you buy the Proscar when the generic is exactly the same but £40 less? I went for the Proscar option as well. Didn't fancy getting a generic version, even if it did mean me saving £40. I know the question wasnt for me, but I did buy the Proscar too. If that Finpecia is supposed to be the exact same as the Propecia and there is a site that ends up selling it for cheaper than ukfinasteride I would move to that. Just for the convenience.
  2. Hi Joe. I read what you said but the doctor I had was not taking any of it. As it's sole purpose is not to be used for hairloss he was not going to risk his career on giving me Proscar to be used as hairloss. He was adamant about that. I bought from Dr Ashcroft recently as his prices are cheaper than ukfinasteride but I have received no further contact since I ordered and handed him my address. I sent the payment through online banking to the sort code and the bank account number. £120 for me is quite a lot to lose if the tablets never turn up. Is there anyway to contact you privately by the way Joe? Private messaging through this website or an email or something? You have helped me quite a bit in the threads, and it would be nice if I could contact you on the internet if possible.
  3. I thought I would just give you a quick update. The doctor won't prescribe me Proscar as a private medication because I won't be using it for what the prescription is for. The only way I could guarantee that the medication pills are legitimate are by having a private prescription to take into the chemist. Without that my only option is online. I bought Regaine 3 months from Boots for £45 a few weeks ago. I have not started to use it yet as my scalp started to flare up using Nizoral Shampoo and Revita Shampoo. The acne on the back of my head has gone much worse, and I seem to be getting similar spots allover my head. The scalp seems to be dry, the doctor said it was ok, but it's still flaky. I have been given some medication for the acne. Flucloxacillin tablets and Fusidic Acid cream. Not to do with hairloss, but to do with the acne. So anyway it seems I will be trying the big three once this acne is under control and I can find genuine pills online. Will probably stick with the Proscar option, as it's the cheapest, I am just worried about buying pills online :/.
  4. Bloodtest results in... High liver and a Platelet Count could not be recognised and needs to be redone. So I'm supposed to have two fresh blood tests within the next month to see if the high liver was a blip and to redo the Placelet Count. Nothing was said on the telephone about anything else. I am really not sure what these have to do with hairloss so it seems like a waste of time. My aim was to find out the cause and get some medication instead I am having to do more bloodtests for something totally irrelevant to the problem.
  5. Bought the Revita Shampoo. Did not have the product in stock at feelunique.com so bought it elsewhere. I think the Nizoral Shampoo that I started to use prior to signing upto this website is having a negative effect to my scalp. Nizoral seems to be causing red spots on my head. I might axe that and just use the Revita Shampoo once it turns up. I do not even know what the doctor has actually searched for with my blood. I know Thyroid and Testosterone was on the slip. I would like to know if Kirkland's 5 % Minoxidil Foam is as good as the Regaine Foam that can be bought in Boots? As I may get this cheaper option if the doctor can accept my plea for Proscar once the results are back. £50 for 6 months Kirklands and £100 for 6 months Regaine at Boots. I will have to wait for that answer though . Also if I was put on Proscar and I did start to feel the side effects do you stop? Lower the dosages? Continue and adapt to the medication? Reading recently and it's a scary thought. The chance of permanent damage. Reading the official description it never said permanent damage. It said if you stopped using the medication everything would go back to normal but reading other forums some say the damage was permanent. You cannot believe everything you read that is why I like to double check with questions or in a discussion.
  6. Thanks for yet another response Joe. Are you the only guy on this forum ? I had a bloodtest done. Not that it was the easiest of tasks for the nurse. Couldn't find a vein for about 40 minutes and then told me there might be a slight chance that I might have to return and get another one done. I do not have the time to prat about unfortunately. Results should be on Friday so I will then make another appointment as I desperately need that Proscar. I just hope he decides to give me the medication. I do not mind if he gives me it on the NHS or not. I just need it and will be willing to pay a private prescription fee for it. Oh and that Revita Shampoo where do you get yours from Joe? I noticed that they do not sell this product in the usual Boots/Tesco as I checked today. How many times do you use it too? I have been using Nizoral twice a week. I do not plan to use Revita 5 times a week and probably will not get the conditioner as all this extra money for potential Proscar and Minoxidil medication as exceeded what I was going to pay anyway. Would still need to know what the best Minoxidil is too. I could read about most of this on the internet but for every positive comment you get 5 bad ones. So you can never be sure what you are being told and what is the correct advice. Again thanks for the help and writing back.
  7. I really am tempted to just go and get both Finasteride and Minoxidil medication. Also have Revita Shampoo and Nizoral Shampoo to wash my hair with. I am going to shave my hair to a #1 later today though. To test what it looks like. Shave my head and then atleast when I am bald I have gradually accepted the look step by step. But in the meantime I may try these products regardless. I know the hair is really thin already but I have not gone from a #2 to a #1 yet so I'll do that today. What would I regret more? Not trying the medication and going bald knowing that I could have had a slim chance of getting some hair back? Or regret spending money and getting no results? Either way I would have been going bald so for the hope of having some hair back I think it is a risk worth taking. The wig won't happen. If it came to a choice between a wig or baldness. I would have to accept the baldness. All I need to find now is a really good site for Propecia, Proscar or Finpecia. Which would you recommend? Propecia sounds too expensive, Proscar requires cutting and Finpecia is another I have only heard about since joining this forum. With the Minoxidil what would be the best form of that product? Percentage wise and product? I would also need a site to purchase these. The site you recommended Joe is just too expensive. Are there any others? I will still get the bloodtest done next week. I do not have a clue if a bloodtest can find out anything. It was just what this doctor advised. I seem to have many of the symptoms on Thyroid Hairloss but I doubt that is the issue that has been haunting me since 18. Before that it was just minimal hairloss although the scalp could be seen. Thanks for responding by the way. I appreciate the support I get on this forum.
  8. Got an early booking to see a doctor and he felt it is just Male Pattern Baldness and told me he's more worried about my confidence than he is the baldness. I was basically asked "What would you do if these bloodtests come back as normal?" So the hints weren't really helpful. I'd much rather have hope than being told "Not possible, can't, no cure" But I guess sooner or later whatever hair I have left will disappear. Probably within a year. Really not sure how I deal with that. Spex, a doctor typing to me via email and now my own doctor seem to feel there is nothing I can do. Seems I'm at a dead end. Will have to try and come to terms with it if my bloodtest comes back as normal. Or try and pay for these expensive pills and probably find myself wasting money. Really am depressed. Propecia/Proscar/Minoxidil as all suggested could probably work on most people but I guess my hairloss is too advanced. I guess I will see what happens with this bloodtest before I decide to either accept or try these treatments. Being young and suffering from hairloss is a nightmare. I have read many forums where people say "losing hair at 27/30/34 onwards" Yet I've lost almost all of mine much younger. It really is awful. Thanks for the advice/suggestions.
  9. If I had the money I would get an hair transplant straight away. I am not sure what I actually have though. Is it Male Pattern Baldness, Diffuse Pattern Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia, Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia or Inherited Genetic Hair Disorder? As I have had a few different messages in my emails. They feel with the pictures I posted that I have an Inherited Genetic Hair Disorder which is not Male Pattern Baldness. This was from two different people. Emails that I have picked up on the web whilst reading about hairloss. I really need to go and see a dermatologist. I will make sure I keep Finasteride and Minoxidil in mind. I just think I need to find a website where it sells the product for cheaper or 3-6 months worth as I do not have £200 + to pay for 12 months.
  10. I posted similar pictures on another forum a while back but I forgot my login and could not find the thread again. You can see in the pictures that I am almost bald. Only reason I have not shaved it lately is because I want to see the doctor and speak to other sufferers on here. I need to know if products can work when it is this servere. I do not even know what norwood I am because I seem to have lost hair everywhere and where it is thicker in one place it is almost bald in another. I will have a look at Spex's website if I can find it in the web. I need to take this seriously before I lose it all. As it is almost at that stage now. Can these products improve my hair thickness with what I have left? Thank you Joe101 for the kind replies.
  11. I'm definitely going bald. I am not just receeding I am losing my hair everywhere. I have not tried Nanofibres. I am not quite sure I want to go down that route of a day to day solution as I will know it is still bald. Are there any legitimate sites that offer 3-6 months treatment at a cheap price? It sounds really expensive all in one go when I do not know if the medication will work. I have never tried any of these products before so I cannot be sure if they will make any difference. After reading some of the forums Spex seems to be a frequent poster answering questions I would like to hear from him alongside everybody else. The price of Dr Ashcroft would have been a much better price cutting the Proscar, but it seems he has been unavailable for a year.
  12. Hi, I am a new member here. What I am hoping for today by coming here is some solid information that could help me with hairloss. I noticed the early signs in 2009. My hair was slowly starting to recede. At the same time I also noticed my hair was straw like and the scalp was just about visible on my entirety of the crown. As time as gone on it has become worse. My hair is still receeding and the crown in most areas is really thin. Thin as in it looks bald when shone in the light. The front although receeding is still thicker than the middle of my head if you understand me. Without the light you can still see the scalp and the small hairs I have left. It's not just the crown as the sides and the back seem to be heading the same way as the crown started a little over 3 years ago. It is still thick enough but it's becoming oddly similar to what my crown was once like. What I would like to know is if Propecia or Proscar or Minoxidil (Regaine Foam) will actually work on a really thin scalp hairline? I also have a problem with my scalp with dandruff and acne keloidalis so that could be a problem. I have been using Nizoral Shampoo for the past fortnight for the dandruff. I would also need the best prices people can get in £'s and trusted sellers as I do not have a clue where to start or what I would need to buy. I rely heavily on my parents for support so I do not think I can get two, three, four separate treatments as it would be too expensive, and as much as my parents would support me as they are as concerned as I am the cost would still go way above value. If I could use Proscar and Nizoral Shampoo would that work? Or Minoxidil and Nizoral Shampoo? Or Regaine Foam and Nizoral Shampoo? Or any other product that could possibly work? Or must it be Minoxidil, Propecia and Nizoral which is really expensive. I hope I don't need that. I also wanted to know if I stand a much better chance of regrowth as I'm young. I have lost a lot of hair and down to a #2 and even that is starting to look stupid now. Is there anyway my GP could give me finasteride on the NHS? Him writing me a prescription saying it's for prostate? As that would be a massive help. Or even find me a really cheap prescription if I made it sound convincing? I would also like to know what I can use alongside Nizoral Shampoo? It says recommended once a week on the bottle. So what do I use as well as that? Conditioner or another shampoo? I used to use Head & Shoulders but that did more harm than good. With my eczema condition as soon as I put that on my head after a few hours it flared up, and I could not stop scratching it. Well I have said my piece. I hope my case can be helped as I need it .
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