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  1. You don't need his e-mail address, you can PM him - that's what I did. -Edit- Wrote the above whilst you were writing your last post, hence why I didn't reference it. The fact that you know I was talking about you when I haven't mentioned anyone's name suggest to me that maybe you do know what you wrote that could be construed hurtful. Anyway, I will be happy to PM you with my views if you would like, I'm not going to list them on here as I think we are taking this post back off of topic. Jimmy, for reference to those who haven't heard or don't know much about Dr Rogers, please can you post a picture of your hair brushed back.
  2. I totally agree mate - people should be able to voice their own opinions. I just want to clarify that I wasn't trying to dismiss anyone's opinion; I just felt that 'some' of the posts on this topic were a little too sarcastic. I haven't read every single post on this forum, so I could be wrong in stating this, but it seems that every post on a Doctor Feller thread is met with lots of positive feedback (and rightly so, as he does amazing work) but every post made about another doctor is greeted with 'some' people making sarcastic replies. I wouldn't normally say anything, but I really felt sorry for Jimmy. I know that if I was posting on a forum and I got 'some' of the replies that Jimmy got, I would be very hurt. I think PB raised some interesting points on his post yesterday, it would be helpful to see Jimmy's hair brushed back so that we can compare correctly. I also think that he's absolutely right, that some doctors will do anything to manipulate potential customers. My beef isn't with that post, as it raised some interesting questions. I too would like to compare the pictures of Jimmy's 14 day photos styled in the same fashion as his 7 day and post-op, Jimmy, it would be helpful if you can brush your hair back and show us how the grafts look now. At the same time, his previous pictures don't look unbelievable (to me). Maybe it's because when I brush my hair back I look almost bald, but when I style it correctly (as I have done recently for some interviews) I can fool most people that I have a full head of hair - I've had friends who know me comment to this effect. I promise that my previous post wasn't intended to offend anyone, and it wasn’t an attack on anyone. I just wanted to let Jimmy know that some of us would like to read his experience.
  3. I know some of these post have probably been made in jest, but I am disappointed that some seem to be attacking Jimmy or insinuating that he is not being honest. I can understand that many people are sceptical about Dr Rogers, as many of us have been burned by UK surgeons. That being said I was never burned by Dr Rogers and I don't think anyone else on this post has been. Just because we wouldn't go for surgery with him, doesn't mean that others shouldn't - at least Jimmy is posting pictures on here, and at least Dr Rogers comes on to post and answer questions - I don't see Steven Barnes doing that, or any 'successful' (I use the term loosely) Norton Clinic patients. I can understand why people are doubtful, as yes it does look like quick healing, but I healed quick as well (I had very little pinkness after 7 days, as one of my posts shows). I also think it is obvious that Jimmy hasn't had his recipient area shaved down, as Dr Rogers has mentioned in previous posts that one of the reasons some people pick him, is because some people don't want their recipient shaved down (I’m happy to be corrected). I know that my hair is very thin at the moment, yet I've still managed to style it recently so that it covers up all of my latest transplant - so it is perfectly plausible that Jimmy has done the same (It's amazing what you can do with a hairdryer). Of course it would have been nice to see the 14 day pictures with Jimmy’s hair styled the same as his immediate pre-op, but maybe he’s never kept records like this before. Just because they aren’t the greatest pictures, doesn’t mean they’re not real. I think that all we are doing is making patients of different doctors feel unwelcome on this site, and I would like to think (hope) that this isn't anyone’s intention. I think Dr Feller is amazing, and I would always (and only) recommend him (based on my experience to date) to anyone who wanted a transplant - that being said, this isn't a Dr Feller forum, it's a forum for anyone. Whilst I understand that it's important to express our own individual views (like I am doing now), I don't think we should be attacking someone just because we have doubt. I think some of you should read your own posts and ask yourself, how you would like it if you posted on a site and got a bunch of sarcastic posts back. You may have your doubts about Dr Rogers and/or Jimmy, but you have no proof to back up your assumptions, so I think a little diplomacy in your questions wouldn't go amiss - maybe offer the benefit of the doubt! Like I said, maybe some of these posts were in jest, but the person who's been brave enough to submit his photo's doesn't know that, and he's going to be understandably self-conscious. Jimmy, I wish you the very best of luck with your transplant, as some other people on this post have (well done to the ones who have remained objective as opposed to dismissive). I hope you haven't been offended Jimmy, and I hope you keep us all up-to-date on your progress. Remember guys, we're all on here for the same reasons, and there are enough people who make us feel bad by teasing us about our hair loss, we don't need to turn on someone in the same predicament.
  4. Sounds good Jimmy, thanks for sharing your pictures with us. It will be good to see how things progress, please keep us all updated. Dr Rogers, I think you should post a photo of this Donna so that we can all inspect her!
  5. Well 6 out of 9 sounds promising but I don't know personally of it having any benefit. I hate to sound cynical, but I would be surprised if it helped in any major way. Keep us informed. Glad things are going well saggy, look forward to your pictures.
  6. I have a question, that's kind of on the subject, which I'm hoping someone can answer. I was wondering if previous transplanted hair can go into shock? At the moment, I'm a day over three weeks, and I still have some of my forth operation's transplanted hair which hasn't shed. I can't, however, see any of my previous transplanted hair, and I would have through that at three weeks I should have some growth of the old stuff. That being said, maybe I'm mistaking some of the little hairs on my head as new transplanted hair, when some of them could in fact be the old stuff growing through - if that's the case, then the old hairs are at exactly the same length as the new hairs. Anyway, so my question is: Has anybody, who has experienced more than one operation, noticed that their previous work has gone into shock, or did the old stuff start growing straight away?
  7. I know the pain of impatience my friend! I'm the same way. Looks a lot better with the spray in, and like you said a huge improvement on your previous results. Continue to grow well pal.
  8. Yep I saw it. You didn't really miss much, they just stated that it really does make a difference. It had a couple of twins on there (not Pete and Ian ) and one started the treatment much earlier than the other and had a better reaction to it. The rest of the program was quite interesting, especially the stuff about colour treated hair.
  9. I think it depends Jaym. I don't think I was too young for my first operation (at 19) as I wanted to enjoy my youth and not feel a lack of confidence when I should've been doinking many a lady! That being said, I'm sure that some people are not eligible at such an early age, and I think you raise a good point about further loss. I think it is the surgeons responsibility to advise on all scenarios, i.e. you may lose more, or you can try this drug etc. I also think they should offer good advice on donor areas and make sure the person in question knows exactly what they are getting in to. At the end of the day, if someone wants hair at 19 then they're not going to want to wait ten years to see how much more they lose, well I certainly didn’t want to. I'm 27 in a couple of months and I've had four operations - when I say that out loud I think that I'm crazy, but I've been fortunate that even the sloppy UK surgeries have given me a better standard of life. I do understand why you don't agree with it bud, as you've been through hell and back, but IMO, I think if handled by the right doctor, late teens isn't too early.
  10. I completely agree Jaym. I don't think that it's a lack of research for the majority of people, I think they just expect something to go wrong to them. If you've lived with a hair problem for x amount of years, then you probably don't believe that you'll ever have it solved. I'm sure it's worse for many who've had repair work, as they've been burned before and are more pessimistic. I know it must be frustrating Spex, but I think it's important to keep repeating it. After all, many will take comfort from being continually reassured, and at the end of the day this forum is a great medium for people to vent their anxieties. Keep up the good work mate, and try not to pull out your hair! By the way mate, I'm at three weeks today and my hair still isn't growing - I'm pretty pissed off!
  11. The Daily Star has a Health Section! That's as crazy as the Page 3 birds who give there political views in The Sun - great tits though! Erm, back on subject. I wouldn't trust it mate. There's a good chance that the laser people have paid him money. It could be that he's just uneducated, as many people still are, but I'd stick on the cynical side and say that he received a wad of cash for his 'expert' opinion. I just feel sorry for the people who buy into his words, I hope they research before they spend a couple of grand on laser treatment!
  12. Thanks pal Yeah its all to easy unfortunately, it's amazing that they still get away with it - I'm shocked that they haven't been closed down yet! I think with my latest operation that I've pretty much hidden all of my previous grafts (obviously I'll know for sure when it's grown out) but it's the scars in my donor area that I'm now spending my time worrying about! I guess I'm fortunate that mine don't look anywhere near as bad as the poor bastards in the first post (see what I did there Pete, redirected the conversation back on subject!)
  13. We live in hope my friend Glad you got your internet connection back up.
  14. That is true, but when people stub there toe, they don't think thank God I'm not starving to death, they think, shit my toe hurts! Don't beat yourself up for feeling down, it doesn't make you ungrateful at all. Yes there are people worse off than us, but then there are also those who are far better off. Anyway, I really hope things work out for you pal.
  15. Thanks guys, I had no idea that Dr Feller had been through the same experiences as many of us (with dodgy hair transplants) and that he was a repair patient. That's probably what makes him so empathetic to our plight. Thanks for the info. I've also just realised that I've taken this post off topic, so I apologise about that.
  16. Often your own desire outweighs judgement and common sense. I remember at my second consultation with the H******* ***** (after my first operation with them and before I found this forum) I took my brother along with me. When we left, he pointed out to me how bald Steven Barnes was, he said pretty much the same as you PB, that it's not confidence inspiring when the person trying to sell you a transplant is bald. I had noticed that Steven Barnes was balding, but I defended it in my own mind by telling myself that maybe he hadn't gotten around to another transplant yet - he's had one at the front, which actually doesn't look that bad - probably how he's duped so many people into it. At the end of the day, if these forums didn't exist there would be a lot more people convincing themselves to have surgery time and time again with poor surgeons. On a side note, I noticed that Dr Feller is still losing his hair at the back, so it's not an exact science that being bald means you can't transplant hair. Spex, do you know who did the transplant on the front part of Dr Fellers head, as that looks great - was it one of his staff? As talented a man as he is, I can't imagine that he can transplant hairs into his own scalp!
  17. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. That's not to say that I don't believe it will happen, as sooner or later I'm sure there will be some way to have a full head of hair. I remember reading an FHM magazine back in the late nineties (I'm more an Arena guy now ) and they had an article on hair loss. They spoke to this doctor or scientist guy (can't remember who) and I can clearly remember two things that he said (these are not direct quotes): 1) Thanks to the success of Viagra, companies have realized that it is far more profitable to release a drug which has cosmetic effects, and as such, more money is being invested looking for this elusive drug; and 2) He stated that where they are now with research, his son would never have to become bald. Like I said, this article was in the late 90's, so either his son was very young, or they're not as close to a solution as he made out. Either way, I'm sure it will come eventually, but I don't think it will be in enough time for us to enjoy it.
  18. Well you win the best 'Tune' award so far - great song. I think you also win the 'One of the best transplants I've ever seen' awards. Watching that video really makes me wished I had seen Dr Feller for my first operation. Looks great my friend. Have you thought of adding your donor scar on there, as that shows some fantastic work as well, or are you going to wait until transplant #2 had grown out? Thanks for sharing mate, we've had the same number of grafts from Dr Feller, and if I get the results you've had then I'm going to be a very happy guy!
  19. Welcome Hair Please, I've been there my friend, as I know lots of people on this site have been. If the teasing gets bad, try taking the 'few' offending parties aside and telling them that it really is a sore subject and you'd appreciate it if they would stop mentioning it. Obviously, only do this if they are the type of people that only joke around because they don't know it bothers you so much, if they're just arseholes then don't say anything to them, as they will probably get worse - if this is the case then you'll just have to rise above it. Yeah, a hair transplant is a big choice. I would say that this all depends how bad you feel about your hair loss. If it is something that is really affecting you, i.e. no confidence, excess worry, depression etc. then I think a 'good' hair transplant would do you the world of good. However, it does involve a big commitment, as you won't get a good transplant in this country, meaning you’ll have to travel. It will also cost you a large sum of money (although so do meds over a long enough time period) and there is the waiting game after the procedure, which can take many months before results start to look good. If this is something that you are considering then feel free to read my experiences (below in my signature) or click on the transplant portion of this forum, where you will find lots of people talking about their experiences. Please, only consider this option though if you have fully researched it, as once you take the plunge, there is no turning back. I started using Nizoral long before I realised that it helped fight hair loss. Basically, I have very sensitive skin which easily becomes irritated. One of the side effects of this, for me, is a flaky scalp. I tried many specific shampoo's for this problem (T-Gel, Head and Shoulders etc.) but the only one I found to be any good was Nizoral. I use it once a week, or twice if I get a really bad irritation attack.
  20. And to think, they both still look bald on top! So not only do they have those awful scars, but they don't even have anything to show for it!
  21. Shaft

    Crabbs Ht

    Spex have you heard from him? It would be good to get an update.
  22. I didn't realise that, but it makes sense. My stitches with the H******* ***** started coming undone on the second day, luckily when I had them checked out by my GP, I was told that I was fine. I thought it was because I was a quick healer, but I guess you're right when you say skin just heals quickly. I had no problems with my staples. My skin didn't grow over them, and I had them in an extra two nights.
  23. That is f***ing shocking! What were they trying to do to the poor bloke at the top, what's with the backward 'S' shape scar. I'm so glad that I didn't go with Norton for my transplants - not that I'm advertising Noble or the H******* ***** - as they're shit as well! Good find Jaym, where did you get them?
  24. The day for my staple removal (day 10) fell on a Saturday, so I had to wait as I wanted the nurse at my local GP to take them out. This means that I had them in for an extra two nights, but it was no big deal. There is no problem with leaving them in longer that I'm aware of (look at Bal, he's had them in for months now), but I personally wouldn't take them out sooner than recommended. I've heard that you can get them removed on day nine or eight at a push, but I wouldn't chance it. Don't worry mate, it's a good question. I walked through the metal detectors and they went off the first time. I then removed the money in my pocket and walked through a second time and they didn't go off at all - so I'm assuming it was the lose coins that did it. Although, my brother walked through with his money and it didn't go off at all! For me, it didn't really matter if I had to remove my hat, as it was perched so high on my head (so as not to touch the grafts) that everybody could see my staples anyway! I was so tired that I didn't really care though, it's not as if I was ever going to see those people again!
  25. You have documented your journey really well Lucky. I had a look at each month and there are plenty of photos to compare. The growth really seems to be kicking in now - it's coming along very nicely.
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