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  1. Looking very good for only 3.5 months. The hairs seem to be coming through nicely, and you can't see any pitting from where they've been placed. Well played mate.
  2. Cheers St Domingo's and Lucky - appreciate it guys. I almost went for the neo nazi look myself Lucky , if it wasn't for my previous scars in my donor area I probably would have taken it quite close. Oh well, just like my good man Saggy, it's a Mr Charlton for me for the next few months
  3. Good luck mate, I'm sure it will all go swimmingly. Are you going to be posting your pre-op and then subsequent post-op pics on here? It would be good to see your progress.
  4. Coming along very nicely mate. Cheers for keeping us updated with your post.
  5. Cheers my friend. I'm going to be taking them once a month just to keep a track of my progress, so I might as well post them on here. It's amazing when you compare them side to side the difference they make, I didn't realise how much some of my old grafts had grown until I compared the above picture to my 7 day post op picture. Glad to read that your results are starting to kick in. Thanks helpme, appreciate your comments pal.
  6. Cheers bud - I'm hoping that this will be the only time in my life that I'm ever going to need a combover! I hear Reykjavik is beautiful in June Good luck for your op mate. Thanks mate, yeah, I was really afraid at first that all of the hair there was just new hair, but it appears to be growing so I'm now sure it's the old stuff. Like I said, I think I've had some shockloss, but nothing major. I'll have to get someone to take some pictures of the donor, I keep forgetting about that! I don't think I've had much shockloss around there. My barber mentioned that it looks very good, his words were 'you could have it shaved reasonably short if it wasn't for your other scars!', so all good news for the new scar. I’ll try and get some pictures on here within the next few days of my donor area. Cheers for your comments Saggy. I do sometimes feel a little self conscious with the combover, but the way I see it, I'm going to get hairier rather than balder, so if I have to put up with my hair looking thin now, then so be it! Glad to hear your coming along nicely mate. Thanks mate, you've been my inspiration! Mate, I've been shagging them in my beanie for the last few weeks! Anyway, thanks for the positive responses guys. I wish you all the luck with either your upcoming operation or your continued growth.
  7. Hi guys, I'm at four weeks today, not much to report really, but I thought I'd add a few photos anyway. Photo one is taken with my hair combed back, and the two other photos show me doing my best Articmonk impression. A few things can be seen from these pictures: 1) The hair that appears to be growing is, I believe, my old grafts coming through. I think that some of these old grafts have gone into shock as the area is thinner than before the operation, however, this could be due to the fact that the hair is still quite short. Hopefully this should be of some comfort PB, you should be fine by the time you get back from your trip around the states. 2) I still have a few of the new grafts that haven't shed. I know this because Dr Feller brought my hairline forward and I can still see some little hairs in the new area. Another reason I'm aware of this is because when I rub my head, I still get little hairs stuck to my finger. I do think that most of the new hairs have shed though. 3) I've posted a couple of pictures with how I've been disguising my transplant. They are not perfect, but keep in mind that my hair was still a little damp; I hadn't put any hairspray on it; and the flash makes it look thinner than it does in regular lighting. I hope these help those who are worried about hiding their transplants. Anyway guys, I doubt I'm going to have any real development for a few months now, but I can post some more pictures in a month’s time if people are interested to see how my old grafts are doing.
  8. All interesting stuff pal - good find. I won't be buying one as I hear they are quite expensive, but its good news to the people who actually bought one and then had doubts on its performance. You and AC Slater (sorry couldn't resist Bal) will have to keep us updated.
  9. They got my answerphone as I was in an interview at the time. This is the third call that they have made to me, and the third time I've missed it! I really want them to get hold of me so that I can ask them about their so called 'new' procedures that I've read on another post. I was tempted to ring them back, but why waste my phone bill on calling them, they've had more than enough money out of me! Another thing that was amusing, it wasn't Steven Barnes calling (even though he's their salesman), they've got some poor girl phoning people - I bet she gets tons of abuse!
  10. This is probably the method the H******* ***** are going to have to start employing! I think they must be seeing a drop in their client base as I had another call from them this week!
  11. Sounds good to me my friend, I'll bring the porn if you bring the beers!
  12. Excellent mate, I'll put it in my diary, and confirm nearer the time.
  13. Please tell me you kept your pants on! Looks really good mate, you and BHUK are going to be beating away the ladies in a few months. Like others have posted, can't see the scar at all.
  14. Hi bud, I'm hoping to make it, but I was going to leave it until closer to the time to confirm... wanted to make sure I could get down first. London is about an hour away on the train for me, so isn't too much of a big deal, but I need to check prices of travel and everything. It would be good to see your results, and chat about the good and the bad days in our transplant experiences.
  15. Shaft

    Crabbs Ht

    Hi mate, did you meet up with crabbs? How's he doing? Is he planning on posting any updates on the site, it would be good to see how he's coming along.
  16. I get mine from Boots (well for the most part, I have the great St Domingos to thank for my latest lot!), anyway, you need a prescription from your doctor, but it comes in at quite a cheap price - see my previous post: http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=2034
  17. I don't remember getting many pimples through my three previous surgeries, and it's of course to early for me to have any from my latest surgery. It's a good question though, as I'm sure I didn't get a pimple for every hair that came through, although maybe I just didn't notice. I remember the first time I had a pimple burst on my head after my first surgery, I was so scared that it was a graft popping out!
  18. Shaft

    Norton Clinic

    I use to work for the railway, and I remember Railtrack did exactly the same thing, that's why their called Network Rail now. Exactly the same people working for them, just different name and different colours. I wonder how long it will be before Norton change their name to survive - still probably have the same sloppy surgeons working for them!
  19. I hear you pal - I'm using your hairspray technique at the moment and its working a treat. Thank God that wasn't you Jaym, that picture is unreal!
  20. If the front and mid section are thick enough, then you could always grow it and comb it backwards to cover the crown area, in the unfortunate case that you lose all of your hair. I'm sure no-one would be none the wiser.
  21. Shaft

    Norton Clinic

    I don't think he's still operating Bal, I think that he has staff still operating under his name. Well, I hope he's not bloody operating!
  22. It really does look better than it did BadHair, both the scar and the recipient. I know what you mean about the scar still looking red, but I think that maybe you notice it more because you have your hair kept quite close. Do you use concealer on it when you go out? Anyway pal, looks like it's coming along nicely, I think you are going to be a very happy man in a few months - good growth to you.
  23. Shaft

    Norton Clinic

    You got that one right mate. Norton has performed some of the worst transplants I've ever seen, I can't believe that he hasn't been closed down.
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