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  1. Well played mate - that's quite a result!!!! Sorry to hear about your injury mate. I too have been working out lots just recently (weights and cardio). I've slimmed down enough to fit in my 32" jeans, but still have a bit of a gut to get rid of. The only good think I've found is that my Pecs now stick out further than my stomach!!!
  2. Hope you can make it mate - would be good to meet you.
  3. I think you should mention Dr Rogers whenever you want, I was just aggravated with which the manner that you did it on your last post. I respect you for coming back and apologising, I guess as BHUK has stated, things can easily become heated when people have such passionate views. Yep, that's why I didn't go to him. I've stated before that I'm not ready to dismiss Dr Rogers, but I haven't seen enough evidence that would make me want to visit him. Hopefully, this will change in the future. There are many reasons why someone may not want to travel to the USA or Canada, and so it would be nice if there was an alternative over here. Just because I respect Dr Rogers for coming on this site and for trying to turn the tides of opinions on this board (and I respect him a great deal for that) I still wouldn't recommend him to anyone just yet. I too need to see ‘many’ proven results before I would suggest him to someone as an alternative to travelling to America or Canada. In all honesty, no I don't agree with you on this one. I think if a Dr Feller patient posted those results on this site then there would be a lot of comments such as 'looks thin but give it time' - I would actually be one of the people giving that comment. You could argue that Dr Feller has proven himself time and time again and as such would deserve the benefit of the doubt (something that I would agree with) all I'm saying is lets give Dr Rogers a chance as well. I'm not here to blindly defend Dr Rogers, I just want him to be treated fairly. Let's see how Belkin's results look in 9 months and 12 months, and if they still look as bad as they do at the moment, let's see what Dr Rogers does about it. Let’s also see how JimmyUK’s results come out, and Dr Rogers himself. I know that I’ve taken this post back off topic, for that I apologise. I just thought it was important to reply.
  4. All coming together my friend, and you still have 11 more months. Hope it continues to get thicker for you. Cheers for posting your pictures, I'm only a couple of months behind you so it's good to see how your progressing. Are you going to be at the open house, as you'll be at your 8 month mark by then, so it would be good to see how it's all coming along.
  5. I think your post was a little rude Hairless - I have no problem with Jaym posting his opinions on here, and I think he raises some valid points. Everybody is different and everybody has different opinions, Jaym comes on here to express his but at least he is polite when he does it. Don't speak for everybody on this forum. I have had plenty of experience with hair transplants and I haven't condemned Dr Rogers yet. Yes, there is a post on here that isn't very encouraging, but I'm sure you've probably preached the 'everybody grows at different time scales' line for a Dr Feller patient, so why do you feel the need to make up your mind on Dr Rogers after six months. Perhaps you could justify your comment that Dr Rogers has been proven many times not to be a good surgeon - where is this proof? I respect you have your own opinions, and I respect your right to express them, but don't be rude to someone in the process, and don't speak for everybody when you have no right to.
  6. You're certainly one of the lucky ones PB - I thought I healed quickly, but I didn't heal that quickly! Hope things continue to go well for you mate.
  7. Good luck with your procedure Stevey D.
  8. Okay, I guess there's probably no point in me adding my two cents, as I'm just going to be echoing certain statements that have already been made. Saying that, it was mentioned on the first page that 'many people will choose not to comment' and the paranoia in me thinks this was aimed at me... so here goes. As people will know, I've been a supporter of Dr Rogers in various posts on this board. This is because I think it's unfair to criticise someone for no reason, and I had never seen, or heard about, any poor results performed by Dr Rogers. Admittedly, things are not looking good for Belkin at the moment, and I would be very worried if this was me at the 6 month stage. However, I'm not ready to dismiss Dr Rogers just yet. Firstly, IMO, Dr Rogers would not have posted pictures of this patient if he didn't think that a good result would be the outcome, and; Secondly, we can all find pictures to compare other people's growth at different stages, but as is mentioned time and time again, growth speeds vary dramatically. We do not know this individual's physiology, and as such, we do not know if this would be the same with any other doctor. I truly believe that Dr Rogers is not a con-artist. I believe this as he does post on here, he does answer questions, he has started documenting patients and he has had an operation himself by his own people (can't remember Dr... I mean Mr Norton doing this). On the flip side, I do wonder why we are not seeing more patients photo's being posted on here by Dr Rogers, perhaps he would be so good to explain why this is. After all, most transplant surgeons (to my knowledge) are performing on a daily basis, and so it would be nice to see a few more posts made. I appreciate that Dr Rogers is a busy person, but perhaps an admin representative could do this. I think it is even more important now Dr Rogers, as I'm sure you would not want people to think that the pictures here are indicative of your work. Like I said, I do believe that Dr Rogers is the only ethical surgeon in the UK and I really hope that time will prove this. Belikin, please continue to post your pictures on here at various intervals. I think it is important that we follow your progress. I really hope that thinks get better for you over the coming months. If by the 12 month mark you are no further on, then I think you should meet with Dr Rogers and discuss a refund. Dr Rogers, how are things coming along with your transplant? Are you intending on keeping us up-to-date with your progress?
  9. Me too! I received this on Friday, and it went straight in the bin. I was lucky that I didn't have the poor result that BHUK suffered, but I still would never go near them again. I did the same thing mate, I saw the same guy as you and I still fell for it. Cheers Johny for posting the MPS info, I've been meaning to join it for ages.
  10. I think we all know that feeling well my friend. Sorry to see that you have been affected at such a young age, I hope that fin or dut have a positive effect on you. Please keep us informed on how things work out, and welcome to the site.
  11. I think you're absolutely right comb-over. Thanks for your comment.
  12. I have to agree with BHUK, your scar looks amazingly clean - well played mate. I know when I woke up the next day I looked at my pillow and I'd left a big pool of blood on it where I had leaked through the night - I thought the Andrew may actually charge me, but luckily they didn't! Anyway, all the best and keep the updates coming pal.
  13. Shaft

    Donor Area

    My God... you are nails sir!!!!
  14. Hi guys, sorry for the slow reply I've been mega busy with work just recently. Anyway, thanks to you all for your posts, they are appreciated. It's strange, but getting positive comments off of people really makes the waiting game more bearable. Good growth to you all.
  15. Well last Thursday I reached the 3 month milestone. Not much to report apart from if I part my hair I can see a couple of new grafts have started growing, however they are only about 1mm in length! Anyway, for those who are interested, here are my latest pictures: To try and show how thin my previous operations are, I've brushed my old grafts forward (this also shows that the length still isn't as long as the rest of my hair): The cover-up shot (looking pretty much the same as last month): My scar (bear in mind that my hair is damp, when it is dry it is impossible to detect): Okay that's it for another month. I would say that my only concern at the moment is the amount of time it's taking my old transplanted hair to grow back. I've always had fast growing hair (and it's still shooting out around the back and sides) but after three months I'm disappointed that my previous work hasn't caught up with my natural hair - maybe I'm expecting too much. Final note: I took these photos myself, so if they look crap then at least you know why.
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