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  1. Thanks for pointing out that I did not mean ultimate result. What I mean is the result before so-called shock hair loss, until 20th day of the HT. Hopefully, after 3 months I will post additional pictures.
  2. I forgot to say if you wanna see more picture of Dr. Hakan Doganay, I will send his former works' video and picture. Thanks
  3. Hello People. I had hair loss problem more than 5 years. After finding Dr. Hakan DOGANAY and seeing his job, I got hair transplant in Antalya, Turkey at the beginning of this July. Choi Hair Transplanter/ Implanter Pen technic was used for my operation. After seeing my result, I decided to become a represantative of Dr. DOGANAY. I posted my pictures and gonna post more in the following weeks. If you have any questions about my transplant, please feel free to contact me via solutionforhairloss@gmail.com.
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