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  1. Congrats Spex All the very best to you and Mrs Spex. (and the Specettes)
  2. Hi Snowman, Again, I have to agree with everyone else. Are you looking at strip or FUE? From what I've been reading, Armani now does FUE only and someone was quoted $35,000.00 for 3500 follicular units. He produces some high quality results but it seems like a lot of his patients are on the younger side who have minimal loss to begin with.
  3. Hey Badhair, It's starting to take shape nicely. Looking at your pics, you really wouldn't think you have an issue with hairloss and there's definitely no sign of the previous work there now. Congrats
  4. Hi BadHair, Hang in there mate. It's tough but hopefully the next couple of months will show some difference. I'm at 4 months today and although there has been some growth, it hasn't really kicked in for me either. The areas you marked in your picture was interesting because it looks similar to me. I know it's easier said than done but concentrating on other things, i.e going to the gym, certainly helps pass the time. Good luck and more importantly, Good Growth to you.
  5. Good luck Shaft, I hope all goes well for you. In 12 months, you'll be taking places like Fusion by storm
  6. Borobaldy


    How true the 'patience' thing is. I'm now over 3.5 months and I guess I expected things to start happening at the 3 month mark also. I think something is different but it's hard to tell at the moment, and this despite inspecting things at every given opportunity. The waiting game is certainly a nightmare.
  7. Hey Zip it, Glad to hear your growths started, hope all is going well for you.
  8. Looks like you've been packed out nicely with those grafts. Should be a great result several months down the line. Heal well
  9. Sounds promising Stevo, glad it's all going well . Looking forward to seeing your pics
  10. LOL, these women's polls and votes for hottest males always make me laugh. They're always saying what they look for in a man is someone who makes them laugh and has a good personality when in actual fact, most women wouldn't give the guy in the top pic a second glance if Mr Athlete went over to them in a bar environment!
  11. Borobaldy


    Hi Stevo, As everyone else says, it does vary from person to person. Given a choice, i'd have had far longer than 3 weeks off work. I think it depends on the size of the procedure and the level of balding you have in the first place. I think people are able to disguise the HT far more when the procedure is limited to a specific area. If I remember rightly, you're having overall coverage? I also found the 'coco the clown ' look hard to deal with and have tried to keep the hair in this area as short as possible but then it's a catch 22 situation as the scar is more obvious. I think that if you can get away with wearing a hat, i'd choose that option. Good luck with the HT.
  12. Hi Comb-over, It's down to choice. I would think it's offered to everyone. I used it and it worked well. I don't recall any discomfort and I only used it once early in the evening. You can opt for both options anyway. I had the oral meds on standby but never used them.
  13. Hey Zip it, it's not too long now before you'll be entering the better stage of things Looks similar to mine. Thanks for sharing your pics.
  14. Hi Badhair, Glad the staple removal went well. The red dots should clear up pretty quickly. I know mine formed scabs within a day or 2 and had gone within a week. Good growth to you mate
  15. Hey jaym I'll add to the other voices here by recommending that you see Spex. After the s#it you've been through, you deserve a break and an honest opinion on this and you will get the best advice by seeing him.
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