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  1. That really made a sense. Thanks for the effort PB.
  2. Yes, I used this too. It doesnt come off actually.
  3. Yes why not give it a try we have nothing to lose on it.
  4. Start with the small dose prior to engaging chronic dosing. And try to observe any progress down the road. Make sure you don't have any cardiovascular medical issues.
  5. How can you know that it is resistant already? How does it works?
  6. Thanks for sharing. But where is your pics?
  7. Hairfree


    Propofol is used as general anesthesia. I am not sure if it helps preventing hair loss.
  8. Yes Viagra only counteract the effect of these DHT blockers which is used for erectile dysfunction.
  9. I really dont like the effects of finasteride so I quit.
  10. Hi spex, Good luck and hope to see you well.
  11. haha.. I guess I see my hair not thinning anymore ^^
  12. I dont know if it is. But I guess Chocolates may affect your hormone. Am not sure
  13. Maybe due to high demand, its getting more expensive...
  14. What is the price of generic finasteride each tablet?
  15. do you know of any? I guess there's viagra and certain herbal meds are supposed to increase your libido. It may be worth looking into Good try. Yes Sildenafil (Viagra) or Tadalafil (Cialis). Just use the genuine one, there are lots of fake available today. You can also take androgen as it will reduce breast rather than enlarge breast which is one of the side effects of Finasteride (Propecia)
  16. Yes, but lets talk about quality and potency. Some generic dont really bioequiavelent with the prototype drug.
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