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  1. Hi all - And a big thanks to spex for publishing these photos - was good to meet up albeit briefly...... there is only so long I can leave the misses and the child sat in the corner whilst we talk hair My hair is too long at the mo, hence its a bit wavy and with my hair characteristics that is not the best to show it. I usually have a scissor cut and believe me it looks sh1t hot when its done. I then push the fringe back and my hair line is a brilliant job by Dr F. If you remember the photos I published back in jan (which just show the hair line). I can say tho that photos dont always do me justice - I am no longer bald!! in fact I dont have one bald spot on my head, from the crown to the fringe! I was a NW6 probably approaching the point of no return when I first met Spex. I am never going to have hair like beachboy but then I never did even as a kid - I always had fine, flyaway hair and unfortunately too much flew away . The key for me is that I am really chuffed and my life is completely different since those dark days, not everything is down to having a new barnet but its certainly gives me loads of self confidence. I probably wont be able to post much, as house renovations and a baby girl dont give me much free time but so long as the dates allow I will be at the next event in Manchester and people can see me in person. Cheers
  2. Looking real good Spursman - glad you are happy with this now, it does take some time but it is worth it in the end!! AM
  3. Cheers Richie but Photobucket kept timimg out. I tried flickr but can only link a website address and not sure that this is the right way - any other help would be appreciated... cheers
  4. Here is a photo that was taken last week on a mates birthday, it was just a random photo but it shows how good the front of my HT is and how natural it looks. The crown has come on great too - It is natural and good coverage, it doesnt have as much density as the front but it was never meant to. (I only had 1000 in the crown) compared with 4700+ in the front and mid sections. (For reference I had 3023 in my first HT in May 2006 and 2700 in my second HT in feb 2007) I am really pleased with how it looks and just had a haircut with a grade 2 on the sides and back and blended in on top and it looks really good. All the best to you all and sorry I havent been able to log on more regularly recently AM http://www.flickr.com/photos/21841667@N05/
  5. Anybody know why i cant upload photos anymore - it states I dont have the permissions???
  6. Cheers mate - Your absolutely right, it was defintely due to too much time on my hands recovering!!!
  7. Hi Seaside Matt Will get some pics on ASAP - My MILFing days are over now!!!!!!!
  8. Congratulations mate!! Me and ArcticNun are expecting on Tuesday AM
  9. Bleeding amazing photos - Your hair is so thick... Congrats Hairroot - they are really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AM
  10. No could never leave!!! Just been ridiculously busy renovating my new old house.... in time for the delivery of baby monk on Tuesday..! Yes very pleased with my results and I will get some shots on here asap cheers
  11. Looking good PB Hair on the crown even just a few grafts can make a big difference AM
  12. Hi Stevo Cracking pics mate - look really good. By the way the silver crinkly hairs are very similar to mine that I get - I guess it is because most of the hair on the top of my head is from round the back so they have come over too. Good luck for the next one AM
  13. Hi SAF Glad to hear all is going well, I havent been on here for what seems an age. But all the best and 2300 is a good result AM
  14. I Like the bit when questioned on whether a laser could penetrate the skin and make hair grow he asks whether all the shopkeepers in North America now have amazingly hairy hands from using the barcode scanners day in day out
  15. will be an amazing result thats for sure - curly hairs cover so much more than fine straight hairs!!
  16. First of all, fair play to Dr Rogers for coming on here and answering questions, providing comment etc - I dont see any other UK Dr doing that and for that I applaud you. I wont comment on old work as I dont know the full story and I believe that it has been aired previously. Finally - it looks a very neat scar on the patient shown here and the results look good
  17. looking good mate - interested to see your crown shots too Mine seemed to start of initially the same speed but has now slowed down, so I think its essential we dont judge the crown early
  18. Ideally try to land at JFK, its actually in Queens, Newark is ok but further afield in New Jersey (only the river away from Manhattan. I am pretty sure La Guardia is for internal flights only so you wouldnt be able to land their from the UK
  19. I get the odd couple of crazy kinky grey/white hairs - but its still better than no hair at all
  20. Beachboy - you will be fine, where and when are you going?
  21. wow that will be a great result when grown out - do you knw how many of those bad boys have been put in there?
  22. I cant believe how big your scar was before and the difference in it now. Well done mate, you deserve many a beer after that
  23. An icredibley neat scar for PB, he sounds very happy with it all
  24. The front is really good, a big difference. The crown is obviously slower but its there and growing, I can feel a fair bit of hair there it probably does not pick up on the cameras. But the swirls on its way!
  25. Hi Haggis Did you consider getting Dr Cole to bulk up on the previous Dr Rogers grafts to hide them?
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