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  1. still up for it Spex,its worth a couple of treatments to see if it works.
  2. Donor area is looking much much better,this will be a life changing result for you in another 12 months.one that you fully deserve after the shit you had.
  3. Also intrested Spex,put me down on the list please.
  4. tbf


    Julie no problem,avo/dut is short for the drug avodart/dutasteride,this drug is not marketed specifically as a hairloss drug,its makers glaxo are/have tested and did want to go that route. It is a stronger drug in the fact it blocks both enzymes, that then turn into DHT that make hair fall out. Pro/fin or propecia/finasteride only blocks the one enzyme.
  5. tbf


    Julie i was in the same situ some years back,i had used reg for just over 3 years on its own at the time,i had a hatred of the stuff.the regime of twice daily,my hair always looking matted,wet/crap,and the fact it was just making my hairloss worse.but was scared to come off it at the same time I was on a continual shedd all the while,But as it was the only thing i was useing i was worried that if i stopped the whole lot would go.in the end i decided to give pro/fin a go,despite the scare stories AHS had told me. I got 12 months of use under my belt on pro/fin and then dumped the regaine,it felt great just not having to go through the regime of putting the crap on twice daily,let alone not missing the dry itchy flakey sore head. I also found that some 6 months after stopping use of regaine i had a lot of hair regrowth,this was the hair that was on a continual shedd. I have been on only pill med's now for the last 5 years (6 all in total),it has held my hairloss solid,i have had some great gains/regrowth and still get a little new growth even now.the best result i have had was on advice from Spex on a meet up i had with him in Sept 06,he told me to switch from pro/fin to avo/dut as most of the Doctors had seen some fantastic results on it.i made the switch and too had some great results/regrowth.even being on pro/fin i am sure he will hold any gains he has made while on regaine,infact i am sure in 12 months time his hair will be a whole lot better after stopping use of it.
  6. WHW, Do not go back to them, save your money and get on fin/pro,i wasted/got ripped off for £6,500 and near 2 and a half years going to the Birmingham branch,all to sit under a big hairdrier with little red lights in it and be given minox that stripped my hair like paintstripper. Do not go near them
  7. great write up B,hope you heal and grow well
  8. Good luck Adam on your op,and well done with your research and finding a good doctor. Must say that for 23 you do have a lot of hairloss,but in 12 months it will be a long distant memory.
  9. Joe,i think with reguard to reg/min its a case of how you respond,just pot luck so to speak. Since the foam has come out i have read and seen better results,i have even thought about giving the foam a bash ,but knowing how i responded to it last time cant quite go for it.so for now i think i will stick with the pill. Hope your results are great all the best.
  10. Joe i have/did use min/reg ,my first signs of hairloss was to the temples and you could just start to see them thin behind the hairline,this was in late 99,so i used reg/min,i was aged 29. I didnt have a computer then, so didnt know then what i do now.i did think it would save my hair. I used it for a good while but i hated the regime of twice a day,and your hair always looking like crap,useing this stuff was my first big mistake. The second was going to AHS in April 2002,i got ripped of big time for a 2 and a half year laser bullshit therapy at the cost of £6000.at the consult i asked about the use of fin/pro but got told scare stories of flopy cocky and bitch tits,being young and single and told that, fin/pro went out of the window. Before i went to AHS i had not lost a hair at the crown,it was only temples,but AHS wanted to use reg/min on the crown as a preventive mesure,letting them do that was the worst mistake as my hair just shedd and shedd and shedd,my hairloss was near front to back complete.all within at the most 6 months of going to AHS. Mid 2002 with my hair near all gone i got on fin/pro from Inhousepharmacy,i used the generic 5mg pill and cut it into 4,after near 2 years of AHS bullshit i stopped going and dumped the reg/min in Aug 2004,for the last 12 months i had been useing the two together, my hair had come back some which i put down to the use of fin/pro,but within 6-8 months of dumping reg/min the regrowth really kicked in ,i am convinced that reg/min was holding my hair back on a permanent shedd,but i now had hairloss at the crown which i didnt before. Since Aug 2004 the only thing i have used is fin/pro until i made the switch in Sept 2006,which as i said was then 4 years on it with no problems, and as i said had wished i had only gotten on it earlier. The dut/avo again i use the generic version from inhouse with no problems,the cost was about £130 for the year but that was when the pound was better in price than it is now,if you pay in pounds the price today for generic is just under £200 for 12 months still not bad.
  11. Joe. I had no problems at all with fin/pro,i had made good gains with it and only wished i had got on the stuff 2 years earlier,the reason i switched was on advice from Spex after a meet up in Sept 06 i had with him,he was saying that all the top Drs were seeing some fantastic results with it in comparison to fin/pro. i thought i could only but gain from it and if nothing came of it the worst i had to do was switch back. Spex asked the only thing that i give it at least 6 months to see for results,very happy to say the gains have been fantastic,near filled in all my crown when i was looking at 2000+ via a H/T to fill it,and have had some great gains in the temples and the hair line.
  12. i had floppy cocky for a week or two,i had read and been told it maybe possible to have these sides, and if i did get them just ride it out and the body will adjust.set myself a time limit of 5 weeks and if things did not return to normal would dump the stuff.all returned to normal and been on the stuff for 4 years,made the switch to dut/avo in Oct 2006 and being a stronger drug expected and got the same sides, but again all good.length and strength no problem .
  13. BHUK You will notice the longer you take fin/pro the shedds will be less frequent and be shorter in time length,i too used to last about 4 weeks or so on a shedd and get them twice a year ,it can really put you on a downer but as you have said it does come back stronger. Now here is the thing,this Oct i have been on dut/avo for 2 years,i made the swich on advice from Spex after meeting up with him in the Sept,we did photos and talked about what i had tried and was planning. he said all the top Drs had seen great results from dut/avo,far better results than fin/pro which at that time i had been on for 4 years and still making good gains,so convinced by the top man i made the switch, fully expecting that as it was a stronger drug to have bigger and longer shedds, this Oct will be 2 years as i said earlier, and to this day have not yet had one shedd on it,the results have been fantastic,i am very pleased,i was looking forward to meeting up with Spex at the cancelled Birmingham meet to show him the results that would have at that time been 18 months,it would have been great to get some comparison photos. I dont know if i am done shedding or maybe i will wake up one day with a pillow full of hair ,but if works carry on with it.
  14. tbf


    its pretty much a no brainer when its in front of you like that,£500 less and you go to New York for a couple of days and have a HT by a top surgeon,pay £500 pound more and you go to Stratford Upon Avon for a day.mmmmm Rutters can i ask are you on any meds ie pro/fin?
  15. SAF i used generic fin and dut from in house for years with no problems,in fact still on them,you can get finpecia which is 5 mg from in house for about £50-60 for 12 months supply.
  16. Stan i can say i have never had a problem with IHP,have used them for many many years,was taking their 5 mg fincar for 3 years and the 18 months i have been on their 0.5 mg dutasteride,both of these are generics and a lot cheaper than the real deals,the fincar is made by cippla in India and you can 12 months for about £50-60,and the dutasteride by Dr Reddys in India again 12 months £150 -160.its the only thing i have been useing for 4 years or more now and my hair is ok,since i switched to dut on the advice of Spex myhair has got a lot better,lots more regrowth.as i say never had a problem with any batch in all the years.
  17. fantastic results for such little time on the foam ,i used 5% regaine from oct 99 till Aug 04,and the last 2 and a half years of that use, i used it in conjuction with fin/pro,to be honsest i hated the stuff it made my head flaky, dry and itchy,and i have said this many times im 100% positive it made my hairloss worse,i just kept shedding with it but never grew it back . The best thing i done with the stuff was to stop using it,and only use fin/pro. i found my hair grew back more once i stopped use altogether. Strange thing is i have been giving it some serious thought as to having ago at the foam stuff after seeing Northwests and now smyths results. Smyth have you had any shedding with the foam so far?
  18. best wishes and good luck to you all
  19. now that is something to show off!! ,not good but fantastic results their NW,i bet you are well pleased
  20. Spex,what size punch does DR F use?
  21. same story here the AHS conman who nobbled me, has since started his own hair clinic in Birmingham, called Optim@ a complete wanker called Peter Murther (although i think there should be an extra bit on the end of this name) AHS are thieves Slaps i went to the same branch and got done by the same guy,he tried to sell me the strand by strand BS first,but when i told him the was NO WAY ever i would ware one of those on my head,he said "its not that bad,i have been waring them for a few years now". I had near 2 and a half years of laser BS,i signed up for 12 months and at the 10 month mark my hair had infact gotten worse,PM had me applying reg/min to the crown as a preventive mesure , i shedd like Fuck,and to this day have never grown it back,when he was leaving at my 10 month mark he tried to poach me to have further treatment at his place as my results so far were crap,i complained to the new manager who took over from PM,i showed him my before and after pics and they got me to sign up for another 12 months with 6 months free , i got taken for £6,000 . PM is doing very well for himself and a couple of years ago was given a award for new young bussines blah blah fucking blah.i wonder how many poor sods have got done by him?infact it was him that talked me out of trying pro.fin by given me limp dick scare stories.
  22. all the best bud,proscar should do the trick for you,nizoral i use twice a week ,cant say it helps,but im sure it does no harm,as for regaine........ .but as i say proscar should halt further loss and may grow you back some if you give it time.all the best.
  23. Nice neat scar DR R,that could match any dr's.
  24. PB great to see you back,man you have some super fast healing and growing genes.
  25. tbf

    Sad News

    Just read this and im shocked to say the least,i dont know whats been said or done or (thread removed ),but the loss of the MILF hunter is not on,top bloke, have spoken with PB via pm many time and he always has time for you,i like his sharp quick sense of humour,he is supportive to many on here if you have had a HT,or researching,or not planning on ever going down that route. Sorry to see you go sir,i do hope you will be back
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