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  1. Hi Could anyone using Nizoral shampoo tell me how often I should use it and is 2% to strong. My hair is thin and I want to keep what I have left. I am also using Propecia.... Thanks
  2. I am 33 years old and have been losing my once great head of hair for 10 years or so. For the last 5 years I have been taking Propecia ( I had a break a year ago to see if it was propecia that was keeping my hair or was it my diet..it was the propecia) which has given me great results up until the last six months where it seems to be getting slightly thinner. I have never used Nizoral shampoo before and wanted to know what % I should use. Also last year when I was in the UK I went to see the lady who is the president of the trichologist institute. She said that minoxodil only works for a year and then no longer works. The best way to deal with hairloss was exercise, healthy diet and PROPECIA.....
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