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    All the best Stevo
  2. Looks really good pete, how is the crown looking? are you considering going back for anymore at this stage?
  3. Ian, thanks for the update, your hair looks really good, it is noticeable how it has thicken over the last 4-5 months from your last update and now matches your exsiting hair well, by the way has your crown got worse over the last year? i assume you are taking meds?
  4. I feel terrible and i have got to do it all again tonight, i was not a jolly boy on the train journey home. It was just the usual suspects, Malster, Spassky and myself we were joined briefly by a newbie amazmour but i expect we were so pissed the advice we were giving was probably not any use to him, still he saw what our hair looked like, and we told him to come to the Feller showcase in Jan. Spassky's hair is just getting better and better, i do think he has also responded very well to avodart , but he has got complete coverage with his 4k of grafts and at a good density. Malster has grown his barnet to extreme lengths and it looks really good on him, his crown is still thin but both the guys look great, don't take my word for it meet up with us next time, probably won't be until april when we will all be nearly a year out. As for me i was sporting my new short haircut with styling products (clay) having my hair this short doesn't make it look so thick imo particularly on the crown where it is still very thin but at least i think it looks good front on, rather than just brushed back and messy. A good night was had by all, we toured plenty of pubs, had a meal, went on the dodgems in leicester square, and had a good laugh, it would have been more fun if there were a few more jolly boys, hopefully next time. I will post some pics when i get them from Spassky
  5. Helpmyhair, what a blatant shill, if the guy does need to see a head doctor it will be down to people like you f**ing with his head in the first place. Apalling tactics to pass him off as a mental case
  6. Hi Jaym, these are all transplants for sure you are used to seeing mini and micro grafts ie 3/4/5/6 hairs pushed into one hole, have a look at my website and see my old norton grafts, i have attached a pic maybe this is what yours look like, also is me 6 months out from my new ht in Canada, look how natural it now looks, and it will improve, meet with as many patients as you can before committing to anything else, you need to attend the feller showcase.....i know it will be really difficult to trust anyone again, but there are some good guys out there.
  7. They are all good, only one i don't like is no4 i would spot that as a ht a mile off
  8. Hi Spex, yes i have said it before, taking regular photos is so important, not just for the benefit of others but the benefit of yourself, i am anxious for new growth now, as i was at 3,4,5 months it doesn't stop but the realization of how far you have come really helps. It is also important for people behind you to see how things improve, so come on guys lets share some progress pics, it gives us all a boost to see someone 2-3 months infront of your own position. This is why i take and post regular pics, its not because i have a huge ego and love to see myself on the internet
  9. Going in tomorrow for about an inch off, its looking too messy again, ive stopped taking msm because i was getting fed up with getting it cut all the time.
  10. Jaym, i really, really feel for you, i had 3 bad transplants in the uk, plus went to ahs, i thought the whole industry was a scam, luckily i found these forums 8 years later and was able to salvage my situation. I hope the redness goes and you can look normal again
  11. Pics look very natural, you now look like a man whos hair has thinned instead of a bald man, should still have improvements to come, outside sun pics are very hard to pull off in any case. Helpme i would have said your statement re the longer you grow your hair the thinner it looks was false a while back, but i am seriously considering cutting nearly an inch off my hair, longer hair lays flat on your head and unless there is the density there it does look thinner, if it is shorter you can spike it up a little etc, sorry off topic, but quite important.
  12. Hi Bal, i have really got my fingers crossed hoping this scar revision is going to work for you.
  13. garageland


    I second this motion can we see some? also how about some up to date pics from Martin, Arcticmonk, and whats happened to ajg? Any pics would be nice guys
  14. Hi PB, just a quick congrats, pics look good, i am glad that you are now very happy with the results after 1 year, good luck with the next procedure. I am off to London to see Morrissey to get some inspiration for my quiff pics that i hope to be able to achieve at the 1 year stage.
  15. Martin hit the nail on the head this industry has a lot of ruthless people in it out to make money out of peoples misery and they don't like it when they are losing..........keep up the good work Spex.
  16. Come on guys, no-one fancy meeting up and having a chat over a few beers, the main man Spex is hopefully coming.........and i have just heard Dr Feller is picking up the tab
  17. Guys, thanks for all the kind words, as we all know you tend to scrutinse your own hair soooo much, Stevo your probably right its just i can still see the old plugs because i know what i am looking for, my families comments have been very positive. Cheers guys
  18. Ok.......its been a long 6 months, i have updated my website and will post the pics here aswell, these pics are again taken outside, it is a very dull and overcast day.My observations, from the front on i am very pleased with how i looks, it has made a major difference to when i look in the mirror, i still have some new grafts popping through and a lot of the current grafts are fine and only short in length not making a huge difference to the overall cosmetic look. The bridge and crown area i am dissapointed with......but i have read that these take longer so i will be patient with this and hope it comes good, i have taken a wider range of pics so you can see just how thin the crown is....also remember i didn't have grafts placed into my lower part of the crown and i have only been on propecia for 3.5 months. My scar in the main is not a problem but i have an area of shockloss still, i am concerned that this might be permanant scarring, although the situation improves it is still a long way of being acceptable, still a bit numb in places but that was expected after 4 surgeries. I guess i am at a stage were if it never improved i would say the surgery was worthwhile because i have rid myself of a pluggy look and have more hair up front in which to brush back. That said i have no idea how much my hair will improve over the next 6 months, as everyone is different, i certainly have hair greed and obviously want the hairline to improve as some of the old grafts can still be seen if you look carefully enough and i want the crown and bridge areas to thicken up considerably. Time will tell, but i am optimistic for a first class result, what do you guys think?
  19. Hi all, if any of the regulars on here fancy meeting up for a beer in London on the 15th December evening, Spassky, Malster and myself are going out for one of our jolly boys outings, last time was a great laugh and we managed 8 hours of drinking.....if you can stand the pace and fancy meeting up let me know, it would be good to meet some of you.
  20. Stevo, all the best with your procedure in January, something to take those early year blues away, hope to see some pics.
  21. Hi bib, looking much better, a decent haircut as everyone says does make you feel alot better, but thanks for the update.......i am 5 days behind you. As an aside if this is really only 40-60% at 6 months as saf says, then wow i will be very happy at the 1 year mark, can't help but think it won't get that good though...........saf please, please can i see some pics my friend?
  22. Great result, very impressed, his 6 month pics very good, but it was interesting to see how the crown which did very little at 6 months improved, this gives me hope, Phil could you confirm if this guy is taking propecia or dut?
  23. Congrats Boro, the placement looks very good and i am sure you will have an excellent result.
  24. Looking good after your first session, that's gonna be one hell of a hairline............oh someone else has said that already
  25. Pete, it looks very good, a big improvement over where you started, congrats
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