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  1. I have e-mailed them asking for help - but they are just ignoring me. But I appreciate your reply thanks, I think I have an infection as some areas are very tender to touch I so am taking antibiotics to see if that helps. Say a little prayer for me.... my worst fear is going thru all this to end up with even less hair than before. People think it's for vanity, it's not it's to stop the shame you feel as a women going bald.
  2. Please can someone post a reply to how long the numbness lasts as my FUE hair transplant was 3 weeks and 3 days ago. Mine is as bad as ever, I can rest a hairbrush on my head and can't feel it. Please advise as getting a little worried now and the sods who did the operation will not reply to my emails or phone messages. Thank you
  3. Hi - a resolution has been reached by myself and the clinic doing the surgery so I have removeed this post as requested.
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