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    Ben Affleck

    yeah and maybe just for men too looking a bit on the "silver" side
  2. pete2


    Thats a great post, puts everthing in perspective. i am currently going through a tough shed at the moment. just gotta ride it out, and hopefully there will be a forest at the end of it
  3. Very nice result but i dont think there are enough clear/well taken pictures documenting the progress very good use of only 1000 grafts, its made a huge difference.
  4. great result he must be v.happy. The video is a great way to show results.
  5. wow thats one hell of a device
  6. Looks good Kingv it does`nt looks like you have any thinning further back so you will be in great shape once this has grown out. Grow well Pete
  7. A nice bundle of helpfull info all in 1 place. cheers Spex
  8. That looks great Dazza. Loooks like you are sorted now mate
  9. Hi Hairroot, i am thinking about going back early next year to address the bridge/crown areas. i started taking Dutasteride 6 mths or so ago so i am hoping things may kick in soon, so i will be able to better evaluate my situ and take it from there. Cheers Pete
  10. Hi all thx for the comments. Hi lee, no i havent dyed my hair but i can see why you would think i have, looking at the before and after pics, it is just down to lighting i think, the after pics are pretty much directly under a the light. Cheers Pete
  11. Here is some info Ht1 - 2650gr into the front 1/3 Ht2 - 2800gr adding density to the front 1/3 moving back towards the bridge, and crown. Here are a before ht`s shot and ht2 immediate post op
  12. Hi guys, Remember me . Well as the title suggests here are my 1 yr post 2nd HT pics with Dr. Feller. All the best Pete
  13. Hey there Muckyfinger, there is`nt much to be said on the u.k ht surgeon front, and quality results are still few and far between.......don`t get me wrong i have seen some good work coming from the u.k, but not enough to get ME into any U.K chair. Remember we only have a limited number of grafts to be harvested, and they need to be used to full effect. Seeing as you`ve been to Dr.Fellers before he would seem to be your best option as he knows the "ins and out" of you as a patient, and would therefore be able to capitalise on your situ. Just my 2 cents Cheers Pete
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