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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had been to Dubai could answer my question. I'm going to Dubai to visit my friend who has been living out there and I was a little concerned about if Nanogen hairfibres would be allowed into the country, considering their strict laws.
  2. hi folks i'm considering book an appoitment with Total Hair Solutions, has anyone used a system or used THS? they are based in chemlsford & London, i'm considering the options.. any ideas? i'm thinmking about using a system until the cloning comes out in 2008, kind regards
  3. hi guys thanks very much for the info , I'm away to purchase a concealer today to help me for the time being , basically to help me time it out abity until I can figure out what to do, what a great site thanks lads
  4. Hi folks, great site and i'm new to the webpage, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice? basically i'm 23 years old and have been having slight hair-loss since I was 18/19, i suppose more significent at 21, It's at the stage where I am wanting to do something because it's really affecting my confidence alot... my hair is receding at the front and sometimes when i come out of the shower, it's got to the stage for the past few years i have wore a baseball hat more often that I should and tammy hats, i've started even wearing them around the house just cover up my balding front. the thing is sometimes I can hide it via hair-gel but i don't want to do this anymore but when i go out e.g pubs etc social ocassions and but basically it's a comb over and if it was very windy or rained, it would probably blow everywhere, it's got to a stage where i can't even apply for jobs it's depressing because I know the word of using hair-gel to make my hair look ok-ish before I go out and i just want to be able to go out and stop hiding my hair without wearing hats and caps and sweatbands... My hair is slightly receding at the front like a V-Shaped, When it grows longer it looks worse and so i'm trying to keep it shortish so it doesn't look as bad as it does when i have longer hair. ok i'm sorry for this long winded response but i was wondering what my best options are?? i live in scotland, i hear that UK isn't the most advanced place but I dunno what treatment I need, and i suppose this isn't much clearer.. also money shouldn't be a factor but it is, i've just returned from travelling and am skint but I do have an account of 10,000£ and am in process of selling my car for £2000.. I feel that if i receive a succesful treatment, that'll be worry free and be able to go for jobs I feel that I lack confidence to apply for at the present.. sorry for this being so long but can anyone tell me the process and is one treament just ok or do you have to go back for more? also does anyone have an opinion on Advanced Hair Studio or Rogers UK? Thanks again folks, i really would love some advice.. sorry this is so long..all th ebest
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