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  1. it is amazing really that there is no way 100% sure of working. i remember 5 years ago when mine was on it's way we used to joke that it's ok cos there will be a cure soon.. is there heck lets be serious if there was, no matter the price u'd buy it if it was 100 % going to work. we live in hope
  2. how much are they normally at the local heath store?
  3. the proscar through specs is real, it's made by MSD
  4. cheers guys i'm glad the response on here is quick. if anyone could provide the details for where u get the proscar fom that would be great. i can't really afford propecia proscar is much cheaper isn't it?
  5. i'm really encouraged by this, can't seemt o get a decent answer to any qusetions before but i goona go for proscar. whats the opinion on the generic stuff? it's so much cheaper and the only stuff i can find is from india and have been told to avoid. can everyone post where they get the propecia/proscar from please!
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