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  1. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=wayne+...amp;FORM=IDFRIR hes defenetly had FUE
  2. apperantly he had 3500 grafts http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/artic...o=feeds-newsxml after seeing this , its persuaded me to save up for a HT and would be happy with the same results
  3. its were nesbit got his done http://www.hairtransplantsurgery.ie/
  4. ive heard that viagra is being linked to helping prostate issues , knowing that fin & proscar help prostate im wondering if viagra could help hair loss
  5. what do you make of this ?
  6. this is very expencive does any one use it For the Minoxidil 12.5% 125mL Bottle is £65 with shipping The Minoxidil 15% with 5% Azelaic Acid is £85 for 125mL . We can get somewhat of a better price and shipping break with more than one bottle i like to try new things and spray deap heat on my head , gets it tingling no results yet only been doing it for a week and the smell isnt great , but it really does get the blood rushing / tingling so maybe with that and the pin pricks in my head and 5% kirkland minox i may see something
  7. cheers spex £1500 a year then. and you may not see any results ?
  8. whats the cost in this ? i know dr jones hasnt seen any results from his prp thanks
  9. cheers joe. there seems to some truth in vodka and im giving it a shot well plenty of vodka shots lol.... hasnt cost me a penny it was a xmas present and i dont like vodka so its now in the shampoo " The vodka also deep cleanses the scalp, which can stimulate the follicles and promote healthy hair growth " im often trying new things, once i put coffee in my minox spray as i read 100 cups of coffee a day could promote hair growth ... the ex went mad when all the pillow cases were stained the next morning
  10. http://www.growyourhair.co.uk/html/info.html anyone tried it ?? also guys ive just seen the derma roller may give that a bash but cant see it beeing much different than sticking a pin in my crown.. yes guys i do that then spray minox on ive also read washing hair in vodca so i have added some into my alo vera shampoo also tried an experiment the other day of rubbing heat rub into my scalp burnt like hell, i do sometimes rub an hydrocotizone cream in aswell. all the above i do seriously just seen dr jones blog saying he hasnt seen any results from PRP.. any thoughts guys
  11. not sure if this has already been mentioned but have you seen james nesbitt. i wonder how many grafts and were http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/artic...e-comeback.html thanks
  12. i once posted years ago the same link... but i didnt admit that i have one...ya i do. after seeing an article in a newspaper and frank skinner wearing one on gmt tv !!! my prother was of to paris and i gave him the info and he picked one up for...at first i believed in it an have to say i did see some progress but it was part of a raigeme of minox, proscar vits etc. have to say i dont use it anymore and would consider a part exchange any takers
  13. hi guys long time no post ... i once asked the same to spex whenever i went on a mad bender and was hung over for days i felt down and depresed. i noticed that i shed more hair.... ive stopped the mad benders but still shed hair.
  14. no Chino i just stopped kirklands when i started shedding end of december....but ive been back on Dut since Sept maybe its just getting rid off the old. lol pb...you also see alot of good looking lads bald and alot of ugly ones/geeks with hair. its just somrthing ive noticed that both times ive shed i was hung over for days...
  15. i remember looking at both Ian's and petes pics a year ago and people saying just wait it will come. well it has the results are top and i'm still sat here with thinning hair on Dut and shedding twice a year that lasts 8 months. well done guys.
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