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  1. Tbh im quite gutted that so many grafts didnt grow, we have a limited supply of donor hair, so every graft is priceless!, im just glad i didnt have a larger session a waste more donor hair and money. Im sure that most ppl would agree that after 8 months no more new hairs were going to grow, only maturing of the existing ht hairs would take place. You can clearly see in the pics that the hairs that did grow were thick, dark and quite long. this was pretty much my final yeild. i would not return to Dr Rogers for more work, (i wouldnt need to now thanks to Dr Feller ), but it would be intresting to hear Dr Rogers comments on his work? i didnt get what i paid a lot of money for......
  2. Thanks St domingos and Haggis, i had a 2000+ strip procedure with Dr Feller and ill post pics very soon, looks great so far and i can't wait for it to grow in
  3. Hi, Heres the "Hair Transplant consent form" available on Dr Rogers site http://www.rogersclinic.co.uk/Uploads/Roge...rTransplant.pdf ROGERS MEDICAL LTD Finally, although no surgeon is able to guarantee the results of individual procedures of grafts due to patient differences, we want our patients to be pleased with their grafts. If less than 90% of the grafts grow, then we can offer to replace the difference at another sessions, for free. This is very unusual however as less than 1% of patients do not achieve satisfactory regrowth. However, this policy guarantee depends on you attending a 6 month post operative review to check growth compared to pre and post operative photos. It is important to realise that you should not expect any regrowth before three months at the earliest and the hair will start off like “stubble” before growing to normal length. After reading this and discussing any questions with your surgeon, then please fill in the form and sign below: I think its safe to say less then 90% of my grafts grew
  4. Hi Guys, The first pics are 5 days post op and the after pics are 8 months post op Sorry, i should have made this clearer
  5. Hi Stevo , Tommytwo, Thanks for the kind words, im very impressed with Dr Fellers work, its in a completely different league to my previous ht and im very excited about my new hairline, can't wait for it all to grow out!, ill post some pics of Dr Fellers work very soon Hi St domingos, With just 500 grafts into completley bald areas, i wasnt expecting good density, i do agree with you about the scabbing though, there was a lot of scabbing after my Ht with Dr Rogers but with my recent session with Dr Feller i was constantley being sprayed with saline soultion and being cleaned by the techs and there is barely any scabbing at all!
  6. Hi Bengali-in-Platforms, I had 500 grafts in the temples, i think it was 300 grafts in one side then 200 in the other side, i wouldnt consider going back to Dr Rogers for a larger session because i think Dr Feller is the top doc when it comes to high density natural looking hairlines. I think i might have been a bit miss leading with my original posts, the goal of my first ht with dr rogers was to asses how well the transplanted hair mixed with my original hair, 500 grafts is nothing really and i didnt expect any kind of coverage from it, i just wanted a small "test fue" before i committed to a larger session and a strip scar, im very aware that the uk is miles behind the Usa when it comes to hts, so you could say my expectations were very low. I did consider visiting visting Dr Feller for a 200 fue "post stamp session" but didn't really want the hassle with the flights for such a small session. As you can clearly see in the pics, the temples are very thin and pluggy looking and don't offer any kind of coverage at all really, but i am able to asses how well the transplanted hair mixes with my original hair and that was the goal of my first ht. Although the density is very low and im sure a lot of the grafts didn't grow, im sure you would all agree that i would have ended up a lot worse if i had visited any of the other uk clinics. I recently had my 2nd session with Dr Feller (2000+ via strip) and he commented on Dr Rogers work saying "It was a valiant effort", the hairline that Rogers placed around the temples was in a appropriate place, Dr Feller added density there and went more into my temple points, A few Issues that i do have with Dr Rogers work is that 2 hair grafts where used in the hairline/transition zone rather then just single hair grafts, and most of the fues were taken from the left hand side of my head. this left me with a lot of scar tissue there and because of this, it has been quite painful in that area since the strip was removed. I would have thought the thought the fues would have been taken out evenly across my head as it was shaved from ear to ear. I would be very interested to hear Dr Rogers comments on this
  7. Hi Longpig, Glad to hear your happy with your results from Dr Rogers, afterfall thats all that really matters, good on you for posting pics, not may Rogers patients on here , ive posted pics of my results from Dr Rogers and i hope more of his patients follow. Captain Forehead
  8. Hi Bal, I was happy with my ht from Dr Rogers, i had previously had counsults with Norton and THG and did not feel comfortable with either of them. However when i meet Dr Rogers he was very helpfull and didnt try to push anything on me at all, he advised me that 500 graphs would give me a low density as the was no existing hair in my temples and i was happy with that. My main goal with my first ht was to have a small session to see how well my transplanted hair would mix with my existing hair and because i had fue i still had the option of shavin down (Too a certain extent) if i was not happy with the result. I was born with a deeply receeded hairline and temples and so to have any hair growing there for the first time in my life was a great experience Hi Haggis, Im sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Dr Rogers but i think its unfair to compare you results with todays standards, Your ht was nearly 10 years ago and is still probably better then most recent results coming from other uk clinics , Dont get me wrong though i think you have every right to be unhappy with you result but i think you should compare"apples to apples" so to speak. Your recent ht looks very promising and i wish you all the best with your results and now for some pics Heres some pics 5 days after Rogers session and 8 Months after I hope these pics are usefull for anyone considering going to see Dr Rogers, i was happy with how may transplanted hair mixed with my native hairs and felt confident enought to commit to a larger session. After searching the forums for many months i decided that Dr Feller would be the best Dr for my situation, so i choose to see Dr Feller for a 2000+ session this summer, i will be posting pics of my session soon Thanks for reading Captain Forehead
  9. Hey 1664 any new pics to share? im having a similar session so im very intrested in your progress Happy Growing! Captain Forehead
  10. Hi Guys, I had 500 Fue with Dr Rogers last year, all the grafts went into the temple areas Left side grew a lot better then the right Cheers Captain Forehead
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