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  1. Hey guys. Thank you for all the nice compliments. Well, here are my "official" update pics at 10 months. I've let it grow out a little bit. Density is better, but sunlight is still pretty harsh - true for almost all HTs. My wife thinks, and I agreee, that it actually looks better in person than in these pics. Indoors pics also tend to look much better, obviously. I'm pleased with it so far. I still have a few more months before I can fairly judge my success with this HT. As for round #2, who knows. I will almost certainly wait a few years to see how I feel about these results. If I were to answer today, I'd say I'm done. Compared to many other HTs, I still look more like a "before pic", but I have always had less ambitious goals than most guys. Comments are always welcome.
  2. Hey guys. Well, I just got home from vacation and I'm swamped at work but I wanted to create a quick thread, and include some vacation pics. I'll tell you this, it was great to be on the beach and not have to put sunblock on the top of my head, or wear a hat, to avoid a sunburn there. It's been a while since I've done that! Anyway, I will post a thorough update, along with some new pics, in the next day or so. For now, here's just a couple. One on land, one at sea. On vacation, with hair - good stuff.
  3. Spursman: Sorry it took me so long to take these pics. I kept meaning to do it, and then putting it off. As I said earlier, my hair doesn't want to fall this way naturally. If you have been pushing your hair forward for a while, maybe yours will cooperate more easily. I am at about 9 1/2 months now, so I will try to take some true update pics soon and post them. I'm also leaving for vacation in 10 days, so I will take plenty of pics of the new hair under the harsh, unforgiving, Caribbean sun for you guys.
  4. Looks awesome, buddy. Amazing change already. Congrats.
  5. This thread contains more denial and self-delusion than I have seen in any forum in a long while. Funny stuff.
  6. Thanks very much, guys. I appreciate the kind words and the encouragement. Sorry I haven't replied yet in this thread - another weekend, another wedding. Must...sleep...soon. Spursman: I will try to take some pics with it pushed forward. It really doesn't want to fall that way naturally, and the density will look like crap, but I'll be happy to snap a few shots of it. Gasman: Yes, I've been Feller-ized. Spursman and Riley: Waiting sucks, but it's all part of the process. I'm 8 months out and pleased with my progress to date, but I'm also still waiting for my final results.
  7. Hey guys. I've been meaning to do another update, but things have been crazy busy. So I haven't had a chance to take my normal "update pics". However, I was just in a buddy's wedding last weekend - so I've got some pics from that. They're probably not as useful as my normal pics, but they're better than nothing. Density continues to improve. I still sometimes wish I had brought the hairline down just a bit further. Oh well. The work that I did have done is looking pretty good - my yield seems to be great. Every passing week seems to show less and less scalp, which is what I've been waiting for lately. I wish I didn't have to blur my face in these pics, because I'd love for you guys to see the smile on my face. (I also wish I didn't have to crop my wife out of all these pics, she looked awesome at this wedding - sorry fellas!! )It's so nice to go to social things like these and not flee from the camera. This was the first time in a long time I was at a party like this and felt like I actually had hair. Good times. As always, all comments are welcome. BIMD Just for reference, here's some before pics:
  8. Riley: Hey bud. Don't worry at this point about damaging your grafts - they're not going anywhere. You should definitiely be using something to improve the redness. I used aloe, witch hazel might work as well. But, in the meantime, ask your girl to help you with makeup to cover it up. There is no way that makeup will damage your grafts at 3 1/2 weeks post op. Glad to hear things are going OK. BIMD
  9. I realize that this is a bit off topic, but I wanted to see what actual Brits thought of this. Personally, I think he's a horrible choice - but I'm a yank so what do I know? If nothing else, I guess it gives me hope...if they can have a blonde Bond maybe I can become the first "ginger" Bond.
  10. Hey buddy. I mean to post them there, I've just been super busy lately. It's nothing against that forum, I'll do it when I get a minute. Thanks again, Riley - and thanks to everyone else for the encouragement. BIMD
  11. Thanks Hairless, I've let it grow out a bit. I think the back is only buzzed to around a #5. Thank you Spex, PB, AJG, Riley, george, geg100 and s.a.f. David Caruso? Come on. OK, we've got sort of similar hair but that's about it. Now, granted, I do block out my face, but I'm a lot more handsome than that guy. He looks like a cross between a frog and...nothing.
  12. Thank you, Benjamin. Yeah, it really changes the shape of my whole face, and I'm told it has taken a few years off of my appearance. Thanks again, and good growing to you too.
  13. Here's one more comparison pic: Pre-op and yesterday. Thanks, ccs. Yeah, it's still a bit thin (obviously) but I think it looks natural. Ewwww, you're right. That's pretty nasty. That's what I get for taking such "crystal clear" pics I guess.
  14. Thanks, Spursman. It's still a bit too sparse to brush down. It's got three modes right now - parted to the left, parted to the right, or spiked upward. When I get out of the shower in the morning I see which way it wants to go that day and work with it. I hope that as density continues to improve, and it gets a little longer, I will have more styling options.
  15. Hey guys. As promised, here's my update. Density continues to improve. Still not great, but getting better with every passing week. I have gotten a number of comments in recent weeks about how it is really starting to look better. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. I'll need to give it a few more months before I can truly give it a fair assessment. All comments are welcome. Caution: Photos have been digitally altered. The hair has not been touched, but ear wax is gross.
  16. Nah, not teasing. It's a holiday here - Labor Day. Just took a few pics this afternoon and I will post them tomorrow when I'm back in the office. BIMD
  17. Hey fellas. Thanks for the kind words - much appreciated. I'm 7 months on Sunday. Expect new pics next week.
  18. Hey fellas. Sorry I haven't put up new pics yet. I've just been super busy with the 4th and all. I guess that's not as big a deal in the UK, huh? I'm one week past the 5 month mark and I really do need to snap a few new pics. If only because I can't notice any change since month 4. There probably has been, but I won't be able to see it until I put the pics side by side. I'm going to start letting it grow out a bit, but while it is still short (#3 when I cut it last - about 10 days ago) I will get some more shots of the donor area.
  19. No, I just decided that pointing out again that Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa were not in the U.S was unnecessary.
  20. Edit: Redundant post
  21. Yeah, they're in print media. But they also air info-mercials on TV all the time. And they advertise online incessantly.
  22. I just want to be clear that that is not my top docs list. It is simply meant as a list of names of "top docs" tossed around on various forums. I should have mentioned that in my initial post. OJ: I soooo wish that were true. Unfortunately, many people do not educate themselves about HTs before jumping in headfirst. Because Bosley and MHR (and Nuhart too) advertise so heavily, and so few men are well informed, these hair mills perform HTs on many, many, many times more patients than any of the truly qualified "top docs" in the world. I myself was booked with MHR before stumbling upon another forum and cancelling my appointment the day before my scheduled HT. I lost my deposit, but thank goodness that was all I lost.
  23. Different forums will give you different answers. Some of the names (listed alphabetically) seen most often are: Armani Bernstein Cole Cooley Doran Epstein Feller Hasson Rahal Shapiro True Wolf Wong They are considered top docs beacuse they achieve consistently excellent results.
  24. This is a valid statement, and a great way to look at forums like this. I, for one, have not had any hard feelings from anything you have written here. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. However, these opinions can only be respected when they are informed opinions. There is no shame in saying, "I don't know enough about this topic to make any definitive statements one way or another, but here are my thoughts..." It is typically when people attempt to speak authoritatively about a topic they know little about that feathers get ruffled. All that said, a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions is a good thing, and I am thankful for this forum.
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