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  1. Well chuffed sums it up nicely stevo, cheers
  2. Thanks for posting the pics Spex - sorry that they aren't the best quality but i had to scan them into my computer. I definitely wanted to provide some pics with the hair pulled back and with longer hair for a better comparison. I think that when you compare the pre-op pic here to the close-up shot of the hairline where im holding my hair back you can clearly see the chunk of hair that was missing before and that has now filled in nicely. The hairline appears much more symmetrical with the RHS evened up with the LHS (where i had no work done) and this was the major aim of the surgery and what i most wanted doing. I think the pics show a good result for 400 grafts. i am very happy i only went for the 400 grafts as this was all i 'needed' ie to fill-in the chunk on the RHS that was missing. I do not 'need' anymore work done and can still go back as and when i think the benefits would outweigh the negatives (always thinking donor management !).
  3. Cheers for the positive comments guys - more people have said nice things about my hair recently in person (although i almost took offence at being asked "whats up with the boyband haircut" ) i think it shows when you are happier about something yourself others pick-up on it subconsciously.
  4. Am doing Spex! (but just a little more maybe, cough hair greed cough cough!) Felt good recently when someone said - 'you're not really receding at all are you - just a mature blokes hairline'. This was from someone who knew i was concerned about receeding when they saw me with my shorter than usual haircut recently (they obviously had no clue of my HT, they even ruffled my hair!) All good
  5. bigT

    My Two Cents!

    Best of luck mate - you have a good base to work around it looks like. Your story certainly hit a nerve for me - isn't having a high hairline that kids bully you about enough?! let alone recession at an early age... i feel you bro. Impressed you have kept your sense of humour through all this and stay positive (im sure it's not always easy), respect, and again good luck in march.
  6. Hi TT - i am 26 y.o. Certainly the crown/mid are still fine. The left side of my widows peak has recently receded a little in the same pattern as my RHS had (although still not as advanced as RHS). Unfortunately fin is meant to be effective in the crown/mid mainly if i understand the results of the 5 year clinical trials. I also believe it does NOT stop hairloss in anyone but does slow it down and often to a huge degree. I still think if you are a natural 'receeder' like me you can only rely on it to give you a 'slow retreat!' of the hairline. I am not bashing fin at all but this is why i am wary of rushing into further work. All the best mate
  7. Hey guys - thanks for the heads up and for posting some more of my pics Spex. I was more than happy for the guys i saw at the showcase to have a look and quick rummage! Hope it helped. Comb-over you're right 400 grafts doesn't go far and i was the one who wanted a small 'tester' session first off. All the docs i consulted with including Dr Feller suggested i could have anywhere between 800-1500 grafts across the hairline to 'finish' the job. Obviously i have been on fin for nearly 3years and am lucky to still have a lot of my natural hair intact. In a way this makes it harder to decide what to do next and when. I am very wary of putting in another 1000 approx grafts that in 5 years may wellhave been left stranded by my natural hairs recession. Therefore im on a 'wait and see' policy for the forseeable future ie min 18 months-2 years before considering further FUE work. Certainly by waiting you only gain (donor management/future loss becoming clearer). Once you know about/are on the meds and know who the top docs and butchers are, time is actually on your side - thats my sermon to newbies who understandably might want to rush into an HT over Once again thanks Spex and all the guys i met in London.
  8. Hi all - it was great to make it down on the sunday and to echo others a big thankyou and well done to Spex for organising the whole thing. It was great to meet a few of you and view your work in person - hairroot, pete, ian, PB - all looking good and hairy! Hopefully sharing my experiences with the prospective patients Spex organised me to meet helped them a little (as they aren't posters can't give them a shout out - but both real nice guys). I spoke to gasman as well and again wish you the best of luck moving forward with your hair. Thanks Spex for posting my pic above - i know how busy you have been with all this. Feel free to post any others that we took together and if you can get hold of Dr Feller's from my consult - all good. If you just want to e-mail me them i will post them myself - no problemo! Although a little hungover! it was lovely to talk about something so private so openly with others going through the same thing.
  9. Cheers for the replies guys. Spex i certainly do remember going back and forth re number of grafts and i realise that for a 'full' session i would probably require a further 600-900 grafts (ie hitting RHS again and refining LHS) It is certainly touh to get a realisation of where you've come from when dealing with small numbers and i look forward to taking/posting progression pics next month. helpme/comb-over - thanks for your posiive comments, much appreciated. hairroot - your words inparticular are comforting as you were an FUE case like myself. Given that you needed good pics to see the difference from 1800 FUE it is not surprising only 400 are difficult to judge (particulary when you have been scrutinising the area for 9+ months in the mirror ) Merry Xmas to one and all, BigT.
  10. Hi guys - i haven't posted for many months so thought i would give brief post updating my progress. I had 400 FUE performed by Dr Feller just over 9months ago (a quick author search will give you my pre-op pics - soz dunno how to provide the link). So many peeps put up pre/imm. post op pics and disappear never to be seen again so wanted to make sure i came back with some results to show be it good, bad, or average! I have taken progress pics at approx 3,6,9 months but not digital n why i haven't been able to post them. I shall be attending the showcase in Jan n hopefully Spex/Dr Feller can take progress pics then n i can then post them. Also maybe Spex will be able to put up my progress pics that i will bring along to show off. Sorry i don't have any pics now but maybe Spex can lay his hands on a couple more post-op snaps to tide you over til end of next month. It is very hard to assess my results due to the small number of grafts and the fact they were placed just in front of/among a thick natural hairline (that had receeded i should add!). However i think there is a definite improvement, it is just that sometimes i feel really pleased with the growth and yet others a little disappointed. Obviously comparitive pre/post-op pics needed and like i said coming soon. Good growth to all and hope to see some of you in Jan (i will be attending on the Sunday afternoon) All the best bigT.
  11. Cheers Spex - certainly getting proscar and cutting it into 4 and only taking it EOD makes it ridiculously cheap compared to propecia at£30 a month. Will either do that or cut into 5 and continue with 1mg a day. Just hard believing that such a small sliver of pill can do anything - i know, way too paranoid! :-)
  12. Cheers for reply balloonman. 1) i say FUE extraction DOES always cause scarring (by medical definition of the process of cutting the skin and the following healing process), you say it doesn't cause scarring you can SEE when done with a smaller punch. Well Dr Feller uses smaller punches than he used on you ie 0.8mm on myself and hairroot (see pics from Spex) and many others. You are basing your argument to criticize Dr Feller today, on an outdated procedure you had. This is stupid, has no relevance and you shouldn't do it. You're embarrasing yourself. PS from your pics any fue scarring isn't worth spending "thousands of dollars" on repairing - even shaved down as short as you have in your pic, no one would notice the "large (?) 1mm" areas of hairless skin. Still, if you want to try repairing your FUE scarring good luck with that...interested to know what you have done/will do..... 2) you now admit regarding Spex "i do not know if he is being paid". Well with all due respect, shut your mouth and stop saying "he DOES, regardless of (others) opinion", like you were earlier in the thread. 3) You admit you haven't seen a bank statement. It was a stupid question, almost as stupid as making your opinions sound like statements of fact (well done for owning up, see no.2 above). Ask a stupid question.... 4) According to you Spex "seems to be an honest and ethical person". Glad thats cleared up. You sound like you are trying to be sarcastic when you say maybe it is just me that needs his "hand held and be spoon fed". You are right, it is just you, anyone who has been on the forums/spexs website/met him in person knows exactly what you want him to 'reveal' ie his full HT history. Sounds like you are a born again newbie or all the HTs have affected your brain. 5) I think it's obvious to all you have contradicted yourself - claiming you know Spex is paid, then saying you don't, and, by implying Spex isn't being honest enough, then saying what an honest and ethical guy he is. Anyway, i think Spex reply covers everything pretty well. Be Lucky bigT.
  13. Ok balloonman, if you can answer these numbered points with numbered answers i would appreciate it. 1)does FUE extraction cause scarring? Yes. Therefore what point are you making when you say Spex and everyone else will have FUE scarring? (it's not gambling if by definition you are right) 2)how do you KNOW Spex gets paid by Dr Feller? (i don't KNOW one way or the other, i don't THINK he gets paid, how can you do any more than THINK he does?) 3)have you seen a bank statement from either Spex or Feller Medical? 4)how is Spex not "being honest" when he has clearly explained his HT history on this and other forums, on his website, and to many, including myself in person? 5)when you tell him to "be honest" you imply he has not been honest, later in the thread you claim you "never said Spex was dishonest in any way". Have you contradicted yourself within 1 hour and 15 minutes of your original post? Regards, bigT.
  14. Cheers ccs. Quick - soz for reply taking a while, i gave myself a week or so off the forums! Recovery/healing all good. All tenderness from donor gone, had haircut 11 days ago and totally back to normal. I still have a lot of grafts that haven't shed - 60-70% - although this is real guess, just know i have a lot/majority still intact (today is 23 days post-op). They have grown a bit as well, still expect some more to shed though. There is still some redness in recipient but is fading and doesn't bother me. I am back to using styling products again and my hair straighteners. As i haven't yet noticed any shockloss (i know might not until 3 months post-op) and my hairstyle doesn't reveal the hairline, even i don't notice any difference between pre and post-op let alone anyone else! I think this helps not think about/look for changes/growth which can be difficult for many. I am still using a light shampoo, not back on nizoral yet (will wait another month i think) and this is the only thing not back to normal. I have also switched from propecia to proscar (to save money) but am not sure whether i will stick with cutting it into 4 or 5, and if only into 4 ie 1.25mg whether i will take it everyday or just every other day. What do others think on this.....???
  15. Cheers Spex/helpme - will just use mild shampoo for next three weeks every third day, then return to nizoral.
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