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  1. Well i can assure you that after being on Proscar for nearly half a year + now, I'm still as sexually active as ever and still bussing nuts as much. Oh and my penis didn't shrink, if you were worried about that too.
  2. I shave my head to 0.5 or 1 every 3 or 4 days sometimes a week. I still look like I’m balding but it looks quite good on me. Only annoying thing is that I can’t ever have my hair long now and I have to stick with the buzz look forever unless I want to start looking older than my age and leave the sides grow with the top badly affected. Anyways I’ve never ever done a 0 yet, too scared plus the little hair I have left on the top will most likely not come out again if I shave it to 0 so I’m ok with how it is now… once the top hairs are dead for good I’ll start thinking of doing a 0. What sucks is I’m going Canada this December also and it’s freezing there I guess I have to stick to beanies everyday. The only downfall for me is my ears are quite big and they point out so I feel like I look silly sometimes, specially when I have a shaved head and wear a hat… but there is always a catch eh? And its sucks lol.
  3. I went on a holiday this summer for a month and a week. During my holiday I stopped using Regaine because I had no time since I was always out day and night... anyways I just recently resumed but only use it in the morning so once a day but I think my hair has gotten even worse... I take Proscar regularly however but they don't seem to have done much for me. I've been taking both (minus my stoppage during summer) for nearly 7/8 months now I believe but I'm quite sure my hair has gotten worse after I came back from my summer holiday or probably just recently. Does this happen once you get off and on it again? Am I losing dead hair and new ones in the same place will come out again? Or what is happening I’m really sick of putting It on my head in all honesty, it always messes up my pillow and just gets my head greasy and I feel dirty after and start scratching my head (not a symptom, it just makes my head greasy) and it doesn’t seem to have done much for me… I’m not sure which has done more for me really Proscar or Regaine… I think I’ll carry on taking Proscar but is there a point? My hair on the top has gone real real thin now, nearly bald so I’m just keeping a few hairs alive. It sucks because during summer I went through a great new phase where it didn’t stress me no more and I just accepted my hairloss problem but no I’m getting all insecure and worried again.
  4. Oh thanks : ) I was just looking at the Feller site and I'd say my hairloss is something like that: http://www.fellermedical.com/photogallery/patient3_main.htm Because I shave it that short, but I'm not dark skinned so the baldy is more visible.. the temples are nearly as bad. Mine are worse from the right side so it looks weird with one side affected more.
  5. Ok, what about when you do that operation. Will there be a scar on the back/side of your head forever? So I can't shave my head again? The ironic thing is that I look much better bald/shaved head but I'm so sick of having to shave my head every 2/3 days... may hair grows so fast from the sides it's unbelievable. So not sure if a hair transplant will be worth it for me at the end if I'll always shave my head anyways... the thing is I never shave it to 0, I just shave it to 0.5 or 1 so I still look bald from the top, which is what I hate. I'm a bit disappointed, last time I sent Dr Feller an e-mail he said he'd reply back as soon as he got back to his office or something and he never did. I might have to send another one when I come back from my holiday. £3000 is alot of money… but not that HARD to save if you really want to do it and have a good paying job. I dount a £3000 op will be enough to fill all the lose on the top of my head though I might have to do a Barry from Eastenders and pay £6000 to proper fix it.
  6. Don't they fall off again unless you keep taking your Proscar and the rest?
  7. I've been taking Regaine for around 148 days (5 month) and Proscar for 124 Days (4 months or so) as well as using Nizoral every week. I've kept track with photos and usually check every now and then... so far I don't really see any impressive change. Am I supposed to wait longer or does this mean I have no hope? I mean I suppose they did help keep the rest of what was left on top and I THINK there has been a few more hairs coming out from the back. I wasn't really expecting much to happen at the temples but usually I always rub Regaine on all over the top just in case something does happen if I keep using it for 2 years or so... am I wasting my time? Should I give it a year at least? I'm going on holiday on the 23rd and really stressing out... I'll be seeing family that I haven't seen for a while and I hope they don't put my confidence down more by reminding me how I lost lots of hair. Last time I went there I was already balding pretty bad and one or two did bring up the thing, which didnt really get to me too at that time but that was in 03 and since then I'm not very sure if I lost more or if its the same but I sure lost more confidence and it gets to me more now... Hopefully I wont let that affect my holiday. The worst thing is that since its hot now, when I shave my head it gets a bit spotty and hurts.. so I dont even know what to do to make myself look less bald. I probably should just shave it weekly instead of every 3 days. Any advice would be great.
  8. does it really make a difference if I cut proscar to 5 or 4 pieces? It all has the same effect right?
  9. I can't believe I said MSN lol...
  10. I don't think you are supposed to use Regaine if you're under 18. Nizoral is supposedly good and not just for the dandruff so I recommend that one and maybe MSN as well as whatever else Specs recommended. You can use those and hopefully if not much is lost when you reach 18 then you can get on Proscar maybe and Regaine. Like I said in the other thread, those doctors are pointless they are behind and don’t know much about hair loss. They blame it on our dad and tell us to shave it, yeah that’s what my barber used to say too and it was bullshit
  11. ^ I believe Specs offered people on this site to talk to his doctor to subscribe Proscar. I did that and he was kind enough to give me 3 packs that should last me over a year seeing as I cut it to 5th. I believe going to a doctor is a waste of time, check out Specs other thread about meeting him because he has quiet a good experience with this stuff by now and might be able to help, the doctor will just be anal like you said about joking about your hair loss. I think the best way is to also read on this forum/site and see some of the results for yourself etc… I did that and found more help then going to a doctor. At the moment I'm planning once I start working fully and finish uni, i'll save up and hopefully go to the American clinic that Specs went to so I can get a hair transplant. I think I'm ready for that, just need the money and I'm good to go.
  12. To be honest it has had a side effect on me, not sure whether it’s proscar or rogaine because now I have to shave like every 2 days when before it was every 4 days, by 4 days I can have a full beard now lol. Also my shoulders are starting to get more hair but it’s all good as long as they work at the long run really. Oh and before when I shaved my hair to 1 it took at least a week to get longer on the sides now it takes just 2 days and I look quiet bald again so I have to nearly shave the sides everyday. It might be MSM too. I swear, if my hair on the top grew as fast as my beard and my sides I'd donate hairs everyday.
  13. I understand completely what you are going through because I’m 22, I started realising my thin hair around your age also and like an idiot I let my friend shave my head to 1 as well and it never came back out like before. So we have some sort of connection, specially with the always wearing hats bit. Only think we don’t have connection with is driving a car, having a job and money In the bank lol so I feel like I’ve been screwed over with the hair problem, I mean who wants to hire a bald 22 year old lets say in Topman when they can hire some good looking dude with funky hairstyle cut? Or maybe I’m exaggerating but anyways. I wear hats to Uni always, I bet they think I’m sad or something by now I mean it’s been 3 years I’m doing this. I’m actually worried about my final project presentation because it won’t look professional with me having a hat on, that’s how sad, insecure and un-confident I have become from this. It’s a really unfair situation we are put through at such a young age, like you said who wants to be an old looking 22 year old? At this age we should be out clubbing, meeting girls, having a blast anywhere and feeling good and cocky probably but it’s hard when you don’t feel beautiful... people tell me also that it doesn’t matter but I know it does and at the end of the day I want to feel handsome, to feel better. What can we do man, there isn’t much really... I mean at least you said you have the money and a job so you can go for a transplant. If I had money I’d do it now, at least I would save some confidence and less stress in my life again. I also know what you mean about friends and family meetings etc... because they will always make joke about you going bald or look at your hair instead of your face.. that used to happen a lot with one member of my fam and it really makes me feel uncomfortable you know? Anyways for treatment, I think everyone well tell you the same thing: 1) Proscar/ Propecia/Finestaride - This is a pill that stops the hair loss, also can regain some hairs apparently but mostly crown area and middle, not frontals *sigh*. Can have side effects so you should read on it on this site. 2) Minoxidil/Rogaine Extra Strength 5% - supposed to stimulate hair growth, supposedly only works on mid and crown also but I've heard many people use it on frontal also although it don't seem to do much. 3) Nizoral Shampoo - use twice a week (eg: mon & thur) than once a week or 2 weeks after 2/3 weeks of usage. It's supposed to also slow hair loss I believe and make your hair thicker and healthier, plus takes care of dandruff. 4) MSM - Vitamin pills that are suppose to make the hair grow faster and healthier.
  14. I know that you can buy the nizoral shampoo from boots, it costs around £8.99 I believe. Man, I thought at 19 I was bad so I can imagine how hard it is at 16... try not to stress too much, I know it's hard but I'm sure you'll go through it.. at least you're still young and could still save your hair.
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