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  1. what about just using Niz without having had a HT? any problems would you say using 2x a week along with another shampoo? and what if a person were too give niz a miss for a few months (having used it for a good few years) btw proper Niz is with Ketoconazole 20mg/g? (from boots etc)
  2. Hi everyone - anyone been getting their proscar from http://www.qhi.co.uk ? aparently its the genuine MSD proscar (but spanish) but Im scared to use online companies after all the bad press they get (apparently something like 50% of online stuff might be fake!) plus im kind of aprehensive about using proscar in general over the bone fide 1mg propecia due to concerns about not getting the correct 1mg dose (instead getting 0.87mg on day 1..then maybe 1.39mg on day 2 etc etc), losing fin in the cutting up of the pill, exposure to air of the remaining pieces as opposed to being sealed indivdual pills ..plus general peace of mind btw does anyone know if Dr Ashcroft sells PROPECIA? i know he sells Proscar but what about the 1mg pills? thanks...
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