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  1. The things about medicine as in all things in life that what works for many people may not work for everyone. propecia is an effective DHT blocker, however of your age of 19 years, you are producing a significant amount of testoterone. Your body always tries to maintian balance. so when alot of testosterone is released, 5-alpha reductase enzyme is released also to convert tetosterone into DHT. Perphaps the di-hyrdo-testosterone (DHT) that your body is producing because of the reaction of 5-alpha reductase enzyme and tesoterone is more than the dosage of propecia can handle. DO NOT GIVE UP androgenetic alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness) is lifelong. Until we develop gene therapy people will develop male pattern baldness. The key I have found is to attack the problem from multiple angles. Yo need to use products that block DHT. You also need to find A minoxidil product that contains tretinoin (retin-a). Tretinoin assists in the absorbtion of minoxidil. And finally a cleansing shampoo These are the products I use and have success with. This is not an endorsment only what I have found to be effective ReMox III formulated by Dr. Klein www.physicianshairgrowth.com Nioxin shampoo www.nioxin.com Porpecia saw palmetto extract azelaic acid progesterone- this is a hormone so do not use the product if it contains more than .25% these are things that I have found to be effective ~Yoni~ <the key to happiness is on the middle part> p.s. never give up
  2. Hi, My name is Yoni (not yoni-lingam). I have had success with a product called ReMox. Its formulation created by Dr. Klein for those of you intrested in the non surgical route. Its worked really well for me because it contains not only DHT blockers but also monoxidil to regrow the hair. it also contais tretinoin(Retin-A) which helps with the absorbtion of the Monoxidil. Anyways I have had alot of success with it and was wondering if anyone else has tried the product. good luck getting the hair back, ~Yoni <the key to happiness is on the middle part>
  3. Rogaine dosen't work because monoxidil is not easily absorbed throgh the scalp. Propecia blocs DHT but does nothing to regrow the hair. I'm 24 now and started losing my hair in large handfuls in the shower at 19. I have some answers for you. Hairloss itself is caused by a number of factors. At our age we produce a hell of alot of Testosterone. The positive is that our bodies build muscle fast and we can @#%$ like rabbits and still keep going. the bad news is if we have the androgenetic alopecia(male-pattern baldness gene). This gene triggers the production of 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone into the dreaded DHT. I'm not clear on what DHT does to the follicle receptors but I know that in order for you not only to stop hair loss but also regrow hair, you need to block DHT and get monoxidil in your scalp. monoxidil increases blodflow to thos follicles that are slowly shrinking I found a product that I use regularly. You will regrow your hair in about a year. www.growback.com Check him out, speak to a licensed physician, do your research. ~Yoni <The Key to Happiness is the Middle Part> yonikphg@nerdshack.com
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