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  1. Hi all, I thought i would show you a pic of my scar area, its been 7 months post op now, to me the scar seems really wide about 8mm and its very hard to cover up, there isn't no growth within the scar and doesn't look like there will be. Would just like to hear your opinions on it please..
  2. i'm not denying dr feller is the best surgeon,he did mine and i'm very pleased.what i am saying is why so negative about dr rogers,every member says on here that you cannot compare your ht with anyone elses,we all grow at a different rate, why can't we say, it doesn't look as good as some i've seen at 8 months but give it a few more months and see if theres any improvement. but we don't, it's, thats a disgrace i'd ask for a refund. If the results were the same at 18 months then yes i would be asking for a refund also.
  3. why such an anti rogers forum, when it's a dr feller feller ht at 8 months,its only half way there plenty of growth still to come. when its a dr rogers ht at 8 months,its a digrace ,you should ask for a refund.
  4. shaft, no one except family knew how bald i really was as i always wore a cap when out,i just told everyone i was fed up wearing a cap and decided to grow it,no ones said a word.The photos don't show it but i did have some hair on top,not a lot but some, it is fantastic when you do compare the pics you don't realize how bald your were, roll on the second ht.
  5. Thanks guys for all your opinions,I always knew i 'd need a second ht and plan to have one later in the year,it's just that i was expecting slightly denser from the first one,not that i'm unhappy with it,it's a massive improvemnt from pre op and nothing a second one won't solve. The first ht photos on the day show a large area covered but grafts were only placed in half the top of my head,incisions were made but the grafts only placed in front half.you can see the darker area at front then the light red at the top were no grafts were. PB thanks for the comment of not looking like a thug anymore,that was one of the main reasons i had a ht,especially as i run a kids football team & hopefully now look more approachable & dont scare the kids to death when i'm shouting from the touchline. i've added some more photos of my hair combed better which hopefully helps it to look a bit thicker
  6. been 12 months 3 weeks since 3100 ht with dr feller,just want to get opinions on what it looks like and whether they would be happy with it.added pics of hair wet & dry and styled.
  7. no spex not taking it anymore. before procedure i was taking a product called sea kelp from (holland & barrett),which speeds up hair & nail growth,after procedure i took msm but didnt notice any difference so started back on the sea kelp as its a lot cheaper at less than a fiver for 250 tablets,taken twice a day.
  8. thanks pete.Hoping to go back early january,dont know exactly how much donor i have left but dr feller said i have more than enough to do my crown,so hopefully i would get the same amount as the first procedure
  9. hi guys,sorry its took so long for an update,computer died on me,had to buy a new one.Everythings going to schedule,so very happy so far.Hairs still a bit thin but only just coming to the end of 6 months so should thicken up over the next few months.The scar gets better every week,only slightly visable when hairs wet,and undectable when dry with my hair cut on a #4. Here's some pics so you can see the progress so far,can't wait to go back & have my crown done.
  10. hi guys, had problems with computer in the last week so only just read your messages asking for an update.i'll take some photos tomorrow & give u some info on how i'm doing.
  11. sounds good, i'll be there,will be 6 months post op by then.so should see some improvement
  12. did any of you guys watch the darts last night,looked like Raymond barneveld has had some work done,could definately see a donor scar.
  13. just been watching the snooker & jimmy white,looks like he's definately wearing a wig.has anyone else noticed,what you think
  14. here's some before pics,but these were taken around 12 months before ht,so hairloss was slightly worse than in pics. i'll update regular so you can see the progress
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