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  1. After asking the same question on an american forum an english guy gave me some advice and I recently ordered my last batch of propecia from a site called www.Direct-propecia.co.uk it was really good value and it came in two days signed international postage (think it was from Jersey) But none the less good service. When i first got into using fin i was a bit naive and ordered my first batch from one of the really expensive sites that google throws up in the top rankings, only a months worth but i mean with a bit of investigating I managed to get like 4 months worth for the same price. I guess it pays to shop around. Having said that the second batch i ordered from one of the bigger pharma sites, it was cheap but took 3.5 weeks to get here had to ring them up and nearly got them to send out a second batch and it arrived on the final cut off day (Phew) but in the mean time i had a window of about 5 days which i had ran out in, that wasn't great. Never tried Doctor Ashcroft does he do generics or the real Merck stuff ? quite curious.
  2. i recently asked this on another forum, seems you can buy it from cem products, Dr Lee and one of the other forums sells a brand brand called s5 which they big up massively ( probably as they sell it on there site) hope thats useful.
  3. Hi there newbie here thought i would share my Fin experience, I am about 9 months in on finasteride went through big shedding at about 1 ana half months then all the hair loss just halted no hairs in shower / on pillow etc and have maintained that ever since. I notice a few thin hairs come out when i wash my hair but thats normal right ? I was also on kirkland 5% for 6 months but i had to come off as the dandruf and flakey scalp was soo bad. Looking to switch to rogaine foam but need to find a good cheap UK source any one got one ?? Also doing nizoral and tricomin. I also agree with using a hair concealer instantly looks 1000% better and gives you the confidence whilst your waiting for propecia to do the magic. I do find myself using tricomin less as a result of the hair fibers any one use tricomin whilst they hair the hair fibers in there hair ? i just don't wanna have a big sticky mess. Thanks Sunny.
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