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  1. Hi ! Thanks for your repsonses. Really appreciated and be assured that I have taken on board what you said. In March 2005 I had the FUE procedure, and I think I had approxiametly 1500 grafts / follicles (?) transplanted. Think I will need to keep on doing my research, though any advice is welcome. In August I commenced propecia. Cheers once again!
  2. Dear All, After encountering an unsucessful hair transplant procedure in March 2005, I am now considering a scalp reduction procedure. Does anyone have any experience of this, or is anyone able to recommend where I can seek further information? Any guidance / advice would be massively appreciated. Many thanks.
  3. Hi Tom......of course I dont mind sharing my experience of DHI with you. I had 1500 "units"/ grafts implanted, which were concentrated on creating a hairline, just over 12 months ago. I think the photos speak for themselves. I simply dont think the surgery was successful / effective. The cost was between £5000 - £6000. Maybe I should consider the strip procedure or just forget surgery? I'm not sure.... Any advice / guidance is welcome!
  4. Thanks for the replies AJG and Johnyd473. All sounds abit frightening! Having had one hair transplant with DHI, (which was quite a substantial one I feel), I really dont know if I have much faith in usual surgery, but the technique I asked about doesn't sound appealing either!! Will have to keep checking out all ideas on this site. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  5. Dear All. I am sorry if this topic has already been posted, but I know very little about the issue. I recently learnt about the company "O***** Hair Specilialists". Can anyone tell me anything about them? Apparently, they take a mould of your head, and then send this to a lab in the USA, where a "second skin" is developed and human hair is individually injected into the scalp. All sounds very exciting. I looked at the website, but there was little info on the actual technique. Can anyone shed any light? Would be good to learn more. Thank you!
  6. I'd be up for going to one of their seminars! I spent £5000 on a hair transplant with DHI last year, and it was a complete waste of money!! Many of my friends knew I had had a hair transplant, and now its really embarrassing, when I know people are looking and can see NO difference!! I want to advise the world not to waste their money with D-H-I!! I have also been to one of their seminars....post procedure....and its all just a sales ploy! One things for sure, they would never want photos of me "before" and "after" procedure on their website, cos you cant see any differerence!! Nowadays, i am looking where to go for another hair transplant.... I'm not sure its even worth pursuing the "money back guarantee".....can anyone advise? Apparently, for the "money back guarantee" to be valid, you are supposed to have sent them photos on a fortnightly basis!! Has anyone ever done this? Would be interested to know whether anyone's been succesful in getting a refund......
  7. Thank you Martin1 for that! When will you be having your surgery? Whats the website for the H+W clinic? Do you know how long you will be staying in the States post surgery before you fly home? Thank you and all the very best!! John
  8. DHI is a clinic to avoid!! Believe me....
  9. Thank you for that advice. I'll look into the USA as a place to go for surgery and check out your Spex's profile / guidance. I was so disappointed with with my last experience and its so frustrating not being able to warn others who are looking at their website! Anyhow, cheers! Besides, Dr. Fellers (??) in New York, I think, can anyone recommend any other US surgeons? Also, how about the flying home after the op? How many days do you have to leave it before you can fly, given the risk of heamoraghing? ( cant spell the word...but you know what I mean!) Cheers!
  10. Please can anyone advise me on a respectable hair transplant surgeon? I had one hair transplant last year, with DHI, which cost me £6000. Its had little, if any, effect!! I certainly will NOT be going with them again!! I have recently started taking propecia, but I would like surgery as well. Thank you! Look forward to any responses, and please take caution if going with DHI - I will not be using them again.
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