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  1. Hi guys, I've decided to go for one more HT with Dr Bisanga. The procedure will be FUE as I have a depleted donor supply due to procedures (butcherings) by the N*rton Clinic and the H*spital Gr*up. Anyway, I'm hoping for around 1000 - 1200 FUE taken from the side of the head mainly to implant behind the hairline and in the middle. I already have some hair there, a combination of native and HT hair but its thinned out a little. Anyway, after this procedure that front half should be done and little I have left 1500 grafts or so will have to be left for the crown, when it gets really bad. Will keep you'all posted!!
  2. Mate.....I'm well pleased for you!!! As a fellow UK HT victim, suffering depression, not seeing myself in the mirror for 3 to 4 years for fear of not being able to walk out of the door....I completely and utterly understand where you're coming from. Refreshing to hear that there are good doctors around!! I'm thinking of getting FUE too over the next couple of months. Just need to save enough money for a deposit. Thinking about 1000 grafts in the front third to finish things off. Good to hear from you again man...really good!!
  3. Hey... Sorry guys I've been on here much. Just been checking in now then to find out when the PRP will be available, as I believe I am a good candidate. Ok..results from the second session.....have been pretty awesome actually. The left side that I had done is now so thick that its not see through in any lighting condition. Probel is though that the right side hasn't had a second pass and can be slightly see through depending on the hair style and lighting conditions. Many of you know that I had 3 buthering in the UK before going to Dr Rahal, so my donor supply is somewhat limited. Actually I believe myself to extremely fortunate to have been able to salvage my situation. But because if this I looking into having a smallish 500 - 600 graft FUE procedure done with the hair taken from my the side of my head as its not been touched and is very thick. This completely finish the front third ie v. thick and leave approx 2,500 in the bank for the crown when things get really bad. TOMMY > I struggled with the second more because I had to shave all my hair down and lost quite a lot through shockloss, even HT hair. They all grew back but for around 2 months I was looking so much worse. It was just quite a shock going from having a decent head of hair to quite badly thinning again. But hey all good now. I'll get some pics done this weekend.
  4. PB.....will those people who haven't seen you in say 5 years be able to recognise you, or will they think your a younger and better looking version of PB?!
  5. Flippin awesome result!! Not trying to get too carried away, but I've not seen any results, medication or srugical, come close to this at the 2.5 month mark!! Spex, are things still on schedule for this to be available over here this month?
  6. Hey Spex...my man! I'm running low on the proscar I bought from Dr Rahal when I had my last HT. I remeber you saying you know a doc who can write a prescription for it. How would I go about securing the prescription. Thanks mate. PS....can't wait for the PRP bro.....keep thinking about it nearly everyday!!
  7. Spex mate.....is Dr F any firmer on when he is coming over to the UK to perform this procedure? Thanks
  8. Certainly does my man!! I was planning another procedure probably FUE, but I'd rather wait and try this first. My donor hair is pretty exhausted, so want to try all other options before opting for surgery again. Any idea on when Dr Feller will be making this available in the UK, approximately?!
  9. Spex...count me in brother!! What sort of cost we talking about?
  10. Another question mate..... You say you use gel instead of wax. Is there any particular reason for this? I though HT patients usually stay away from gels as they make the hair look thinner. Thanks, Sagg.
  11. Flippin awesome mate! I have to say this is one of the, if not the, best repair procedure I've seen. You seemed to have improved greatly since the 8 month mark.....would you agree?
  12. Hi mate, I'm good, thanks. 2nd HT is coming in ok....just a bit slow, must be all the scar tissue in my recepient area. I also had shock loss, which has mostly grown back. I'm at month 8, but have a hell of a lot of stubble still coming through. Bad news is that I've recently experienced my twice yearly propecia shed. Its stopped now, but I do have less hair Just waiting game really.....for both my propecia shed hair and HT2 hair. Should be ok by end of Jan / early Feb 09.
  13. Excellent work! And he's only 8 months, so yet to experience a great deal of further improvement.
  14. Mate, Don't worry! This is not the first or the last time you will experience shedding on meds. Once on meds, you will experience something known as synchronised shedding. Its been reported my many people on meds and I have experienced it every year for the last 10 years on meds. Each time the consequence of the shedding is less severe and you do get all of the hair back. I understand its all a bit un-nerving. My brother has just come out of his first month on minoxidil and fin and has experienced a massive shed. However, its beginning to slow down and I was able to support / talk him through it. Generally, if you shed, its a good sign. Old, weaker hair are being shed and replaced by thicker stronger hair.
  15. Thanks Lucky! u'r a legend with u'r own results mate I stayed away from anyone if I was without a hat unless I was at work.. I think the few people that have seen me wondered why I havent worn a hat in the last 5 months!? but never took it off for about 15 years before that! It would be blindingly obvious tho to any of my old work mates that saw me before with the center parting comb over!! I have still used this year as getting used to the change as I am still only on my 10th month post my 2nd HT.. Next year will be a new start for me Geez mate....what a difference!! Without even seeing your face...you look like a different person!! The difference is night and day. The first pic you look like a middle aged train spotter...and in the second you look like a young trendy dude!!
  16. Thanks mate, its good to have something back up there where it belongs... You will be in good shape and posting up your own hairy mop in no time.. thanks, all the best mate Sagg, cheers mate... this is the kinda thing I need to hear right now...appreciated hearing your advice on the meds (little bit scary hearing u lost so much! ) I'm still shedding a fair bit, noticed its still in the comb/sink think I lost about 40 hairs today with a comb count up, so hopefully I can see this through without being a billard ball before the end of this shed cycle.. whats the longest your sheds have lasted? I have continued to take the Fin as usual. Can I ask how soon do you notice the hair thicken up again after the shed? I am just biting off approx 1/5th each morning, so it wont be a perfect equal sized amount each time, is this an ok way to take it? sometimes I may get a smaller chunk than another day. But Dr Ashcroft mentioned when I started as long as you get at least 1/10th a day thats cool. ? Cheers The good news is that the sheds to get shorter and less frequent. Typically, my sheds would last around 4 - 6 weeks afterwhich things would not get worse. The situation would remain stable and regrowth would start around month 3 after the shed started and things would improve considerably thereafter. For me, the meds made a MASSIVE difference. I started losing hair at 15 or 16, by 18 I had lost a lot of hair, but because I had very thick hair I could get away with it. But by 20, it became obvious...I started fin and minoxidil at 20 and 6 months into it...I had enough hair where I didn't look like I was going bald. I was able to pull this until around 26 - 27, afterwhich i had too much recession. Trust me on this one mate...sheds are generally good, it means you are responding too treatment. I had to talk through / help a couple of mates a few years ago who were also going to stop after the initial thread. They stuck to it and came through it and both improved quite considerably. Two months...mate...thats all you have to give this!!
  17. BHUK, Whatever you do mate, don't stop the fin!! Been using meds for the last 10 - 11 years and one thing I've learnt is to maintain consistency with them. This is just is just a shed and it will past. Your luck, your shed has still left you with a lot of hair...I remember my sheds, twice a year, I lost so much hair that I looked like a different person!! Looking good by the way!!
  18. Mate.....you are a legend!!! I mean it....your case is one of the most inspiring cases I've come across. Its one of the best transformations I've seen, especially considering, like me, you were a repair case. I think Spex, its time for one your special before and after shots! I know what you mean about age....I'm 31 and not had this kind of hair since my late teens....my hair looks better now that in my Uni days!
  19. Brilliant result. The hair looks really thick and healthy. Very pleased for you mate!
  20. Really impressed with this. Mainly because this chap has gone from completely bald to someone who if you say in the street would not he had a hairloss problem, you wouldn't even notive the slightly thinning crown. That is what I call a transformation, going from bald to not bald and all with one procedure and using only 4000 grafts!!
  21. Yeah....I think I only have one more strip 2000 max, afterwhich it will have to be FUE. It looks like a toss up between Feller and Lindsey now I'm doing ok PB, thanks for asking. I'm at 12 weeks post-op, 1 weeks short of 3 calender months, not that I'm counting! The hair has started coming in thick and fast. I've still not reached the pre-op stage, probably about 75% there. I had quite a lot of shock loss in the recepient area. I'm expecting most of the shock loss to have returned by month 4. The new hair have started growing too, so as with BadHair UK, I'm hoping by month 5 I will have all my preop and a considerable amount of new HT hair. Using topical spiro and niz has thicked up the rest of my hair, so I'm looking quite good at the mo! No need for a cap etc. Just can't wait until I have a fully dense low hairline. Will try and post pics end of this week.
  22. Hey PB.......... This certainly was a surprise my man! I agree with BadHair UK....pretty amazed that you decided to get a HT whilst on holiday in NY...haha....it wouldn't even has crossed my mind....brilliant! Needless to say the result will be awesome if vouched for by Feller. What is interesting though, as you mention, is the area for 700 grafts. Fair enough you've had 2 strips sp you'll be thinner, but it still makes you wonder about these Armani megasessions.....6000 fue in one sitting?
  23. Pretty impressive my man and at only 5 months! I do like the hairline...looks very natural in terms of the design etc. here's to a great summer!
  24. sagg321


    Bit sceptical about taking the meds... fin... its only been a few months but I'm wondering if it will speed up the hair loss in the crown rather than prevent it Mate....hang in there with the fin. It makes no scientific sense for fin to increase the rate and amount of hairloss. The absolute minimum it will do is not make thiings worse. Most likely though, it will slow down hair loss considerably and even give you some regroth esp in the crow region. The only potential problem with fin is the side effects. However, it seems you're not suffering from these, as you would have experience them within the first few weeks of starting. So don't worry mate...just enjoy ALL your new hair...and things may get even better
  25. sagg321


    Absolutely Awesome Mate!! I'm really pleased for you...man...you hair looks fantastic, especially considering the outdoor shots. I'm not jealous...I'm just very pleased for you. I know what its like living with bad UK hair surgery. Sometimes you think there is no hope...but you hang in...keep going and keep trying and eventually it pays off. Well done my man....you have finally gotten rid of this curse and are free to live your life.
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