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  1. Hello all! I hear what your saying. My hair was slowly getting thin in the front but not noticable. Started Propecia (Proscar) about 3 weeks ago and now you can see through the front of my scalp. It was not like that before the treatment. Also my hairs do not look any healthier (actually less healthy) than before the treatment. Any suggestions as it is now noticable after about month on Proscar? Thanks for your help!-Tim
  2. I have 2 older brothers. Oldest brother has a full head of hair. Middle brother is completely bald on top of scalp. I am youngest with thinning hair.-Tim
  3. Hi Specs-Does you Dr. have you on a current Proscar/Finasteride regimen since your HT? -Tim
  4. Hi! Question-Has anyone had a change in hair pimentation while on Rogaine? I am not badmouthing the product as I am happy it works for so many but when I apply it, my hair becomes much lighter in pigmentation (like a dirty blond color) when my hair is naturally brown. Also it seems to become a lot less healthy. Anyone else have this problem? This is very frustrating to me in that i'm trying to save the hair I have left but Propecia and Minoxidil either give me side effects or don't agree with me. Ugh. I do however use Nizoral but you know, need more than that!-Tim ok, I posted enough tomight. All be well and healthy!! Timallen45@hotmail.com
  5. Hi all! I notice a difference myself. Early spring I have descent growth but once late summer hits and winter, forget about it. It's as if my hairs goal during that time is to fall out no matter what!-Tim
  6. Hello all! This message is for Tom or anyone else who has had luck with Propecia or Minoxidil. If it is at all possible, do you think you could please post some pics of your hair (scalp). If you have before treatment vs. during treatment would be wonderful although even just a current head shot (scalp) would be great. I would just like to compare hair dentisy, texture, that sort of thing. This may help people such as myself decide on the best treatment for our individual needs, because we know how everybody is different. If you can't post them on the net, it would be nice if you threw them my way via Timallen45@hotmail.com Thanks very, very much!-Tim
  7. I would also like to know if Nisim has been effective for anyone?
  8. Hey, I just want to say thank you to the two responses I received about topical Finasteride and Minoxidel. I will research both Xandrox and Revivogen. If anyone would like to write, you can reach me at timallen45@hotmail.com I also welcome any other advice that one may have. Thank you!!-Tim
  9. Hello Specs and all!! Does anyone know if applying finasteride pills tyo the scalp in the form of a liquid would be effective? I understand consuming finasteride seems to be the most effective although the side effects are too much for me. Tried minoxidel although the itching was too severe and peopl were commenting on my dandruff. I can however use Nizoral, so thats a plus. Anyway, can crushing proscar pills and mixing them with H20 and applying it to the scalp be of benefit? Thank you-Tim Timallen45@hotmail.com
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