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  1. This patient is 6 months post op. He received 2251 grafts in one surgery. We gave him a stronger hairline and a thick frontal third.
  2. This patient recieved 2823 grafts in the frontal third and is 6 months post op. He has great density for 6 months and will continue to see tremendous improvment over the next 6 months.
  3. This is an older patient who's hairline was thinning. He also had a large deficit in his crown. After transplanting the front and the front part of the crown on each side, it is now possible to finish the crown with one more procedure.
  4. Here is a patient who had a weakening hairline with recession in the temperals. We went through the existing hair, dense packed 2049 the front area to give quality hair into his good existing hair. There was mild hair loss in the crown area in which we transplanted 500 grafts in amongst his good hair wherever we found weakness. Now he has great improvement without worrying about his hair loss any longer. This patient is 8 months post op.
  5. This patient came into the office 4 months post op with tremendous growth. After a strip procedure was performed with 2891 grafts I thought these pictures would be beneficial to show the newly growing fine hairs that should begin to have after 1 months growth (after 3 months dormant period). You can see by the amount of hair, that he is going to have a tremendous result that will manifest itself in around 4 more months when the hairs become strong and at their mature caliber. You can also see how well his scalp has healed with no signs of pitting or cobblestoning.
  6. This is a patient with great quality hair and a large balding area in the crown. 2500 grafts were placed in that region giving him a great result. Now he no longer has to worry about people looking at his crown any longer. He is 1 year post op. We try to match the direction of the hair throughout the swirl perfectly, so it should match what he had previously. PRE-OP IMMEDIATE POST-OP 1 YR POST-OP
  7. This is a patient that had surgery before coming to see us. You can see previous grafts in photo#2 with scaring of the scalp. Patient recieved 2650 grafts and grew well. Pre-op Immediate Post-op 1 year post-op
  8. Patient had the 2913 grafts in the front up into the good hair to give him a great new hairline. He is now 6 months out looking great and feeling really good about his new look. Next year we will transplant his crown to finish the transformation. 717 singles 2093 doubles 103 multis PRE OP IMMEDIATE POST OP 6 MONTH POST OP
  9. This is a patient who came to us after receiving a hair transplant 1 year earlier from a national chain. We dense packed the grafts with good success even though going into scarring from the previous surgery. Patient is extremely happy and now wishes he had come here first. Patient is 6 months post op. 629 singles 1920 doubles 41 multis PRE OP IMMEDIATE POST OP 6 MONTH POST OP
  10. If someone stays longer than the two nights, then it would be up to them to pay for their hotel. If you want to stay somewhere different, I would be willing to discount the amount of the hotel that I pay for off of your surgery. Hope that answers your question.
  11. This patient had 2512 grafts in the fontal area with lateral slits and dense packing for a remarkable cosmetic difference. Since surgery he has consistenly been taking propecia which has improved the top. We will be transplanting his crown in a few months. 1 year post op 708 singles 1368 doubles 436 multis Pre-Op Immediate Post-op 1 Week Post-op 1 Year Post-Op
  12. It's been good to discuss hair loss options on here with all of you. I wanted to give you all another way to be in personal contact with me as well as to show you all the things we have going on at Biltmore Surgical. I have started a blog and would love for you all to take a look. Please become a follower on the blog (you will see the option on the right hand side) as well as leave a comment so I know who has stopped by. We will let you know when we post Before and After pictures, any new updates with our clinic, questions from all of you, things to do in Phoenix and much more. I hope that you stop by frequently as I will be updating often. Please take a look and let me know what you think! Dr. Scott Alexander's Blog
  13. Hello All, Thank you so much for all the nice words!! Take Care, Dr. Scott Alexander
  14. 614 singles 2216 doubles 112 multi's PRE-OP IMMEDIATE POST-OP 1 WEEK POST-OP 2 MONTH POST-OP 6 MONTH POST-OP
  15. I wanted to share some travel and hotel stay information with you. Click on the underlined words to go to the according websites. British Airways flies non-stop to Phoenix, Arizona. They do not fly on Wednesdays, but have flights available any other day of the week. We pay for you to stay two nights at one of two 5 star hotels here in Phoenix, Arizona. The Ritz-Carlton or the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa. Hotel Distance Details: The Ritz-Carlton: Sky Harbor Airport to the Ritz: almost 8 miles and will take you about 15 minutes to arrive The Ritz to Biltmore Surgical Clinic: just over 1.5 miles and will be about 5 minutes of travel time. Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa: Sky Harbor Airport to the Arizona Biltmore: Just over 8.5 miles and will take you about 15 minutes to arrive The Arizonal Biltmore to Biltmore Surgical Clinic: 2.5 miles and will take you around 7 minutes of travel time. Although Arizona is further away than the East Coast, the time saved in the airport with customs and travel within the city makes the difference in time minimal. Our city is not very crowded and is easy to get around with the added benefit of having beautiful weather and many beautiful places close by to see.
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