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  1. Hi 2000 grafts Yes I think there are a few before pics - do a search on my name Cheers BW
  2. Here my 11 month pics along with a post op pic- I am well happy with the results!!!!! Cheers
  3. Hi Here are my 6 month photos. I am very happy with the way it's gone up to now and look forward to the next 6 months. I can't believe how much of a difference the new hair has made already. Cheers
  4. Excellent you look great. Can't believe the donor area too. You must be very happy bw
  5. Hi Here is a 4 month pic- things are happening and the babies are growing! Redness has gone and it is starting to make a cosmetic difference already Cheers
  6. Hey Tommy, yeah maybe you are right- he might go by the name of shaven Haven
  7. Think he was a Feller FUE patient who was an active poster. It would be interesting to see any progress. BW
  8. Thanks for the replies. I am looking forward to 8 months time when I can unveil her to the world but it's business as usual at the moment as I look like I did pre op, but there are things happening under the fringe!! Cheers BW
  9. Hi Here are the 2 month post op photos- not really much to see but things are happening! Some never shed and are growing, the shaved hairs are coming back and others are sprouting. The second photo is the hair hiding the recipient area Cheers BW
  10. Hello Tommy How is it going? Healing is going well thanks. I will post 2 month photos next week. I have growth - some of it is the stuff that was shaved and I think some might be hairs that never shed. I didn't watch the games but I am looking at the premiership tables and wondering who is still at the top ..er....ah yes Man U. See below: 1 Man Utd 29 - 65 2 Liverpool 30 -64 Cheers Mate.
  11. No, I will try it as long as it doesn't compromise the healing- being fair skinned doesn't help though. How often do I apply this?
  12. Here are 2 pics- the hairline at 1 month, many of the grafts have shed now but I will be looking forward to seeing the blighters in a couple of months and the redness is fading. The hair that was shaved is coming back too. The other pic is the hair combed over, hiding the recipient area. Cheers
  13. BHUK - Cheers. It's strange really, I was at a party 2 weeks post op and I was thinking, if only they knew what was under my fringe!! When I went back to work, I knew that my hair looked slightly different as the doc had shaved 1 cm of the hairline, so in effect you are undercutting the hair, but no-one said anything, didn't even asked me if I had had a haircut. At the moment I am just short of 4 weeks post op and around 1/2 the grafts are still in, so I have to be careful in the wind as not to expose whats under the fringe.
  14. Hi Acrobaz I am nearly at 4 weeks post op now and around half of the hairs have shed. I am lucky in that I comb my fringe forward and it looks like it always did; I was back at work 2 weeks post op. I am trying to just get on now and enjoy the fact that I now longer have to worry about having the procedure done (it took me 5 years of research and agonizing), just waiting for the buggers to grow. I asked the doctor about my density and he reckoned 60 per cm2, so hopefully it will look great when grown out. Hope you heal well. cheers
  15. I paid a lot of money and went through much discomfort; there was no way I was letting my wife do it and risk compromising all the hard work- I got a doctor to do it.
  16. Tommy - do you not nick it from Boots in Birkenhead?
  17. Hi Tt Donor is feeling a little sore but I think it was those b*stard staples. I am looking forward to getting back to normal now and getting on. Cheers
  18. Here are a couple of pics, 12 days post op. I have just had the staples removed (a couple were very sore) and it wasn't too bad. I have a few lingering scabs but not too many now. I have a tiny, hardly noticable bit of swelling on my forehead where one of the local injections was- I have a small scar there from years ago so mayebe this has something to do with it - any comments? Cheers
  19. F*ckin hell spex, don't say that , she doesn't sleep!!
  20. Hi Hairroot/BM Healing is going fine thanks, scabs are falling off, I am at day 9 now and things are looking up, can't wait to get those staples out. I must admit, it has been a tough week. I really underestimated this post op bit. I was pretty down the other day as my staples were hurting, hair was looking like sh*t- all greasy and full of dandruff etc, and I looked a c*nt in a baseball cap. Thankfully, things are on the up and when I comb my hair forward, you cannot see the work. in fact my 10 year old has not noticed anything, nor have the in laws. I am looking forward to getting back to normal and getting back to playing footie in a couple of weeks. I wait to give the hair a 'proper' wash. I will post day 10 pics soon Cheers
  21. Hi When is it ok to start using hair gel etc after a HT? When I go back to work I might need to do some creative styling to hide the work cheers
  22. Cheers Spex, thanks for the support. My eyes are swollen today; I look like a boxer. PB - The only language difficulty was my Manchester accent. There were no language problems, the doctor and all the techs speak excellent English, in fact they speak about 3 languages. In Belgium itself, they ALL speak English too. Cheers
  23. Hi I have started a new topic- here is a link to my photos on another forum. Not sure if I am allowed to link to another forum but we are all here for the same reason, so bollox to it. Cheers Beardy http://hair-restoration-info.com/eve/forum...31&f=2566060861
  24. Hi Got back yesterday, and can honestly say it was the strangest thing I have ever done! Dr Feriduni and his staff were top notch, absolutely fantastic, and I couldn't fault them. As long as everything grows etc I will be very happy. We got just over 2000 grafts which were placed in the hairline- I have got all the photos but finding it difficult to upload here- can you help, Spex? My head was a bit sore post op etc, which is to be expected but everything is starting to itch now. I had a much awaited beer last night and starting to feel a lot better now. I will do a proper write up soon but in the meantime, if anyone can help with the upload of the photos? Cheers and thanks to Dr F and his staff and thanks to you guys for the support!
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