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    Hi guys, I see in my abcense youve taken it upon your self to all take the mickey so thanks for that especially spex dont worry mate ill look 4ward to repaying the compliments. All is good though its been just over a year since my HT and its funny how quickly you get used to your hair and have to look at old pics to remind yourself how it used to be. To this day I am still totally happy with my results from Dr Feller and have not worn a cap fo a good 10 months now which is amazing as it was part of my every day life. I still do look in the mirror and think I would like more but just as spex told me you do get hair greed so who knows maybe in a couple more years ill pop over to Dr F and have a bit more done. hope all is well and growing well and people are happy. Spursman hope your happy with your results last pics i saw looked good. I will post some pics very soon so watch this space.
  2. wow I think that looks excellent for only 6 months great growth mate.
  3. Hey PB im pretty sure the doc said I still had alot of donor left and could easily have the same amount as I had first time round which was 2600. At the moment im not planning another HT but who knows what the future holds im on meds and they seem to be doing well for me.
  4. Cheers mate Ill look forward to more thickness. By the way did you or your bro get that package I sent a while back.
  5. hey Guys So far all is good im around the 9 month mark now a little over I think, and I am one happy boy. Of course I still want more but who doesnt want the same amount of hair they had when they were twelve. Im still more than happy with what Dr Feller did for me and not once has anyone noticed or sugested I may have had a ht done, and im still left with the option to go back and have more if I want it. Growth has been good and every body is so right about taking pictures you dont realise how much youve gained until you look at old pics. At the mo I still keep it short a bit similar to BaldinginMDs with a little bit of styling on top and must say to this date I am still very happy with my results. Im not sure how much more progress Ive got left to go at the 9 months probably just some more thickening and maturing. Good luck with your next ht PB your gona be one hairy man. Hope all is good with everyone and good growth to you all. looking good before surgery with gel in dry soaking wet wet to the side dry
  6. smo77


    Hey mate looked at ur pics the other day and things are looking good. I went on holiday 3 months after my ht and it was very hot and i was fine just try not to burn your head as I shouldnt think you want it peeling and dont use them to much, but in moderation you should be fine.
  7. hey spursman, So far all is good it must be around the 8 month mark now, unfortunately im having a few computer problems which is why I havnt been on here much but I should have it back soon so Ill be able to put some pics up for you. Growth has been good but im still wanting it to be thicker but hey thats life you dont realise how much youve gained until you look at old pics, but theres still time for things to hopefully keep progressing. At though mo I still keep it very short a bit similar to BaldinginMDs with a little bit of styling on top and must say to this date I am still very happy with my results up to date. Im not sure how much more progress Ive got left to go at the 8 month mark so if anyone could let me know that would be great. Hope all is good with everyone and you must be kicking in now Spursman so good growth to you.
  8. Looking cool as ever mate. Nice to see you can now grow and style it as you want it really suits you. Glad all is well and im very jealous of the beer and cigar I LOVE a party.
  9. wow just read this whole post and did not see one reply from you geoff you have alot of questions to answer. So many people have had bad experiences from farjo you cant expect one post to fix all the bad they have done. I personally must of read loads and loads of good things about Dr Feller before I chose him to perform my ht, so nice try but I dont think you will be winning any one over just making them see how bad Farjo is.
  10. sean no way- Roger moore rocks my world.
  11. Hey all, just thought id say a quick thanx to spex for yesterday and to all that went. It was great to meet you all in the flesh a put a face to your heads of hair. I must say it was very weird at first openly talking to a ***** of strangers about my ht as all of you know most of us try and keep it a secret, but it felt really good to all be in the same boat. Thanks again all.
  12. Hey guys its been just over 5 months for me now and im happier than ever. Obviously I understand there is still more growth to come but I am already able to style it and have it cut on a regular basis however i want. Il get you all some pics up soon hopefully in the next couple of days but all is well and im hairier than ever. Also congrats spex on your new Feller role you deserve it more than anyone I still owe you a beer or ten for all youve done for me. Well done mate.
  13. smo77

    Im Back!

    Hey spursman congrats mate. looks like your gona have a life changing result there and your gona be over the moon. Well done for taking the plunge I bet it wasnt half as bad as you thought. Well done and remember all good things come to those who wait.
  14. Great post and looks like another great HT. By the looks of things youve healed up really well, things can only keep getting better. Well Done and happy growing
  15. Brilliant video and wicked results. you must be very pleased in fact over the moon with your final results well done mate.
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