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  1. Can i ask if Dr Feller was one of your 4 as i am scheduled in with him and would appreciate your opinion. I have done much research since my previous mistake and although confident in my decision to go with Dr Feller you can never have too much reassurance Congratulations on your recent surgery.
  2. These TV shows are always disappointing
  3. looks really good thanks for the pictures
  4. Well done Badhairuk, i think your results so far look good all things considered. I appreciate you taking the time to keep us updated. Being a repair patient myself it helps seeing guys like yourself winning the fight
  5. This is very promising. I think this patient looks completely different already at only 5 months. Can this patient expect a great deal more growth as after 5 months he appears to have had a great deal. Why do some patients grow faster than others, is there a trick ? I need my next transplant to grow very quickly as i do not have a great deal of time before i need to return to work, hopefully undetected How long should i take off work to get away with it and how can i make my hair grow fast?
  6. It looks really good so far. Thank you for sharing the pictures and all your input on the forum. I find your posts very helpful.
  7. I am planning a repair with Dr feller also. All the best with yours as i think it will be easily repaired
  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures they look very good Looks like i need to take up smoking
  9. Wow that is a brilliant transformation Well done!
  10. scottfire

    Sad News

    I have found PB's posts very informative and helpful. It will be a grave shame for him to leave. I hope this issue you have with this other poster cease as your help is vital to guys like myself
  11. I have consulted with a few clinics and i have decided that once i have the money together that i will be seeing Dr Feller for my repair surgery. I am looking forward to getting this done hopefully in a few months
  12. I agree with you spitfire. A top bloke who has only ever helped give information. Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable guy who has helped so many people. Its terrible that you should be bullied in such a way I need repair after very poor surgery. Spex has helped me so much! He is a complete gentleman and this was only confirmed when he recommended i consult with HW, Wolf and Rahal not only Dr Feller. Don't let this prevent you doing a great job spex.
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