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  1. Cheers for you replies chaps, what is DUT me and a friend are both using it, and it seems to have a slight effect on my friend but he also uses regiane but he justs get peach fuzz hair, how can he make it thicker ?
  2. Where are you getting your Proscar from? If it's from an internet pharmacy, it may not be genuine. its from Dr Ashcroft on this forum
  3. is there a big difference between the real stuff or the other stuff which you can get for half the price???? At the moment I am using proscar, which is a pill that i need to divide into five segments. i have used it for the past 12 months however i have not seen any change as of yet.....infact i am still loosing my hair.....
  4. brilliant, will buy it then, much cheaper! does it leave it more greasy than regaine or the same ? thank you
  5. http://minoxidil-direct.co.uk/ has anyone bought from there? if so is it the same as regaine, been using regaine for a while and am thinking of making the change to these guys, just want to know if it is the same thing or will i experience more hair loss to begin with etc. also has anyone bought from here?
  6. the name Hugh Rushton is not registered with the General Medical Council. so he is a ) not a medical doctor registered with the UK has another chrisian name besides Hugh
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