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    Cant believe I been takin fin this long!! But think I have made a mistake coming off it for a year,just started back on it just before Xmas,I think it was may be feb 15 I came off fin, can't remember why I did, maybe thought it wasn't doing any thing, but fast forward to now and I think I have had a massive shed,i I'm just hoping getting back on fin it will halt it and start thickening back up to what it was!!got some fin sorted off dr so fingers crossed
  2. Did u get you proscar in the end??
  3. I use that also,it's not to bad,best stuff I have found for thickening hair up is dry shampoo
  4. Good to see dr Ashcroft is back,I'm runnin low so gonna order soon;)
  5. Well ordered yesterday dinner time and came in post this morning, very rapid service
  6. Pity dr Ashcroft isnt still available ,, looks like I'm gonna go with that site ukfinasteride! £210 for proscar!!!!!?? Dr Ashcroft only charged £120 I think, and if you watch the video before ordering ,£120 for proscar!??prices seem to have gone up for some reason?? Then maybe they have us over a barrell!
  7. Ello joe101 did u get any finpecia from alldaychemist? Running low myself,just wondering how long for delivery??
  8. couta


    i have been using it for a bout a month or so,one thing it does it stops my hair gettin greasy,which was pretty bad at times,i used to wash my hair everynite after work and by morning it was greasy again,but this as solved that problem! dont really no if its helping with hairloss thou!
  9. just a quick question fellas,,how many for u guys on proscar have telled your gp?and have u ever asked him for a perscription for proscar? i have telled my gp and he was quiet helpfull about it all was askin me if it was helpin and stuff like that,and he said that he doesnt have any one on it for hairloss but plenty for prosatate problems,,only thing is i forgot to ask him if there was any chance he would prescribe me some?/ think i will give it ago cos im runnin low on it!!
  10. when i started takin fin i had a wart type thing just above ma knee,its been there as long as i can remember,then suddenly after a good bit on fin notice that it had gone,dunno if the fin had anything to do with it or not, ,maybe just coincedents
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    still on the meds bud,just stopped for a month betweed nov dec,(went to docs for a check up on ma nuts,and thought there was a lump alclear thou )started back on 2 jan this year
  12. couta

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    ok guys been on proscar for about 13 months now,stopped taking for a month nov to dec,and tbh dongt no if its helped,i think its alot thinner now,gonna try and post sum more pics up to compare and one with flash on hairs a wee bit longer what do yous think,cheers fellas
  13. alrite bud,i was havin sides when i started proscar(achein balls),for about a good three months so i started cuttin the tabs into 8 bits and they stopped,dunno how much is mind games thou,but get the odd couple of days with ball aches,its now about 6-7 months on it now and wife thinks hair is gettin thicker so i will keep goin till tabs run out and take it from there
  14. right managed to cut proscar in to seven bits gonna try that and see if the pains in the nuts go away,aslo started to feel a slight pain in the stomach area abit like trapped wind?anyone had that? will keep on it for abit but if the sides dont go ill have to jack it in,like its not ment to be i am in the same boat as hairsucks, i didnt want to take fin but i dont like the idea of a bold heed its my last chance,and if it doesnt work at least i have try it
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