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  1. Hey lads, i know this question bores the @^*% out of everyone so can anyone tell me instead the thread that will give me info on where everyone is getting there 'safe' dutasteride from now? Ive no idea where to get it and whose is the genuine 'stuff', best prices etc etc Any help is much appreciated sincerely
  2. Hi guys, usual question. But it seems the best place to buy Dut changes constantly............was going to try Evo but they have sold out!! Last lot i bought was Dutagen marketed by Ranbaxy Labs New Delhi.........this worked fine but forgotten company i went through doh! Can you help with best place, price etc? Very much appreciate any help.................Thanks.
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    Update on Dut since Oct last year............0.5 a day(two days, skip a day) no side effects at all now to report, back to normal downstairs and no man boobs(moobs)......not been on it long but there is my experience so far........can any other Dut users let me know theres? cheers
  4. beau


    previously tried propecia but only took for 4months with my hair getting worse and only now realised due to the internet that i didnt give it long enough. jumped straight to Dut in october and have to report it has given me good growth at the back, miminal growth but halted loss on crown, front no effect. side effects have been slight loss in red bloodiness........but still able. dosage 0.5 two days skip third day and so on.
  5. Hi guys. Having been on Dut since October i feel it has a little, but will more so, grown hair and kept hair that would of fallen out. My question is....does anyone know how long it is before this stuff no longer has an effect on your system? Having heard Propecia doesn't last forever, is it the same with Dut? Any help i would be grateful
  6. Just a quick word of thanks for this site and Spex. Met up with Spex 26/2/6 and had a good chat about directions i could take and he has gave me hope for my own hairloss/repair probs. This guy is buzzing at the moment at reaching his 'goal' and in return is prepared to help us guys with his experience's in the hairloss world..........i don't know how much longer he will keep this up as the guys hairloss probs are a thing of the past. So i urge you fellas, if you need help and advice, get and see him before he jacks it in and takes life easy! Spex, you 'de' man cheers mate, Beau
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