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  1. Spex mate, you're spot on. This is hair greed of the worst kind, pure and simple! And I have to say that my expectations from my first session were not just met, but exceeded beyond what I truly believed was possible from HT surgery. Dr Feller is a master of his craft and I'm still in awe of my result as it just looks so natural. I read your comments with great interest as they show a thorough understanding of my own personal case and an insight into the field of hair transplant surgery that I have yet to see matched. Considering the number of UK and other patients you must have seen and helped since I first met up with you over two years ago, that's very impressive. I'm still in two minds about my next move and would very much welcome the chance to talk this through with you over a beer sometime in the near future. Cheers Beachboy Petchsky, BadHairUK Cheers guy's BHUK, saw you last update - looking excellent and great to know that its made such a difference in you life. Beachboy
  2. Hey BENOIT2008 Cheers for the positive comments. Happy to answer any questions you have if I can. Tried to PM you but the feature doesn't seem to be working for me either. I'll keep trying, but you can also reach me through bigmac's forum at www.hairlossesperiences.com? Beachboy
  3. Spex, Just let me know mate, always a pleasure to see you and I owe you more than a few beers for all your help and support. Cheers Beachboy Thanks hairroot, appreciated. And interesting you should ask about hair greed as this has been on my mind lately. Although I now have more options in styling my hair, I still find myself brushing it forward with a fringe as I always did. Old habits die hard. I need to be a bit more adventurous, however I must confess that my high forehead (family characteristic) still bothers me and this is exacerbated by the temple point recession that I suffered as part of losing my hair. Although Dr Feller addressed those areas, I consider that they may benefit from further work to better define and bring them more forward, reducing the expanse of forehead somewhat. I am also considering a refinement to broaden the hairline to lessen the roundness and temple depth at the corners. What isn't so clear from the pictures is that there is a mismatch in density between the native and transplanted hair that results in a slight 'dip' either side of my forelock/central vertex, so I am also considering the possibility of going over the previously planted areas to increase density to somewhere near that of the native hair. Hair greed or what! I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this. Cheers Beachboy
  4. As a consequence of moving house and a change to my role at work around August/September last year, I neglected to post my progress at 12 months post-op from a 2600 fu session with Dr Feller in September 2007 (poor excuse, I know). I’m now 16 months out and thought I would post to show just how far I’ve come during that time. I no longer consider myself ‘bald’ and this has had a big impact on my outlook on life. Dr F’s work is stellar and to any of you hesitating about taking that step towards doing something about your hair loss, my advice is to go for it. Life’s too short to let it stop you enjoying it and given the amazing results from top docs like Dr Feller, what have you got to risk? Cheers Beachboy
  5. Dazzler, you're spot on mate with your comment about the thickness of my hair. I struggle to pass a comb through it at the back. Good in a lot of respects, but as Spex mentioned on Sunday, it may be necessary for another pass to get somewhere near the density of the existing hair. It's still early days and I will be waiting for at least 16 months to see how things turn out. I have recently had some sprouting and there is still a significant amount of fine, colourless hairs in the hairline that will thicken and mature between now and then. Cheers Beachboy
  6. Hey arcticmonk Good to meet you on Sunday. Having seen your result for myself , I've got to say that I was really impressed. To go from a nw5/6 to complete coverage as you have is some achievement and it looks very natural. It was also great to hear about the possitive impact regaining your hair has had and is something that I can definitely relate too. Good luck with the house renovations and I hope to see you at the next meet. Cheers Beachboy
  7. Guys, due to lack of numbers, I have regretfully decided to cancel the Birmingham meeting. As of this afternoon only 4 of us could still make it (which just didn't justify asking Richie48 to make a 6hr return journey)! I now intend to reschedule the meeting for September 08 and will get in touch with those who showed an interest in this meet, to gauge the most convenient day/time for the next one. Cheers Beachboy
  8. Guys, this is just a heads up to let you know that numbers have seriously fallen off over the last couple of days, with those who have previously confirmed their attendance having to back out due to family/work committments and illness. I spoke with Spex yesterday who tells me that such things happen, so I have made the suggestion that if it is likely that only 3 or 4 former patients will show up, it may be better to postpone the meet and reschedule it in September 08. I will be speaking with Spex later this afternoon and will then confirm if the meet is to go ahead tomorrow. Cheers Beachboy
  9. Spitfire Be great if you can make it. Looks as if the meet will be well attended. The venue is the Holiday Inn in Bham City Centre. Follow this link for details of the location: http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/hi/1/en/h.../transportation The start time is 12 pm (midday). Text or call Spex on his mobile No if you need any more info or post here and I'll keep an eye out for it. Cheers mate Beachboy
  10. s.a.f Looking very good. You're heading towards a great outcome my friend and I can't think of many who deserve it more than you. Good growing. Cheers Beachboy
  11. Spex No problem with moving the start time back an hour. Can all those who intend to come along please note that the Birmingham meet start time is 12pm not 1pm as stated in the banner. Cheers Beachboy
  12. Quiff A couple of reviews of The Royal Inn, including photo's can be found here http://www.pb-hair.co.uk/forums/view_forum.php?id=10 As s.a.f. say's, its pretty basic but does the job. It's cheap and easy to maintain your anonymity after the HT. Good luck
  13. Judging by the level of interest being shown, this should turn out to be a great meet. Quite a number of veteran and recent/prospective HT patients have already committed to attend, including Spex, richie48, daza uk, Beachboy, BENOIT2008 and hopeful bigmac and Steveo as well. This is a fantastic chance to see a wide range of results under one roof from a variety of patients, all with differing patterns and levels of hair loss prior to surgery and ask as many questions you like of those who have been through this experience. The last event in Manchester proved to be a great success and you can read about it here: I looking forward to meeting everyone on the day. Birmingham has a lot to offer for those contemplating making a weekend of it, including a superb range of nightlife, restaurant's (including the famous Balti Houses for the curry lovers amongst you), shopping and entertainment. You can get great weekend deal's at the city centre hotels, as they usually cater for week day business users and are often half empty at weekends. I live in Birmingham, so if anyone wants any recommendations or help with where to stay, just PM me. Beachboy
  14. I was unable to make the Manchester Hair Geek Meeting back in April 08 due to work commitments, so have decided to arrange a similar event in Birmingham. Having confirmed Spex’s availability to attend (no meeting is complete without Spex on hand to share his extensive knowledge and experience of the HT industry), I am pleased to announce that the Birmingham Hair Geek Meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, 1st June 2008 at 12pm. This is a great opportunity for anyone seriously considering an HT to see first hand the stunning, natural results being achieved by some of the world’s finest Hair Transplant Surgeons. Seeing actual patient results from a range of HT doctors is an essential part of anyone’s research and I am confident of a good turnout of veteran HT patients representing HT clinics, both here in the UK and abroad. Events such as these provide a chance for those who have undergone surgery to compare notes with others and share our own experience with prospective patients, so I would encourage all of you who have undergone surgery (no matter what stage you are at or who your surgeon is) to come along and give something back to the hair loss community for the benefit of all. Birmingham is of course not too far from Dr Roger’s clinic in Stratford upon Avon and I will be contacting him directly with an invitation to attend to share his knowledge, both as a practitioner of hair transplantation and a former transplant patient himself. I will also be inviting HTIUK to come along. He is a former patient and consultant/advocate of Dr. Humayun Mohmand, based in Solihull so we can see first hand the work of the HTI clinic in Islamabad. The venue is yet to be confirmed, but will be a city centre hotel, chosen to provide a safe and neutral environment, where everyone’s anonymity can be respected. It will be in a central location that is easy to find, with easy access by road to secure parking or by public transport. I would encourage you all to attend. Don’t be put off about publicly admitting you have a hair loss problem and it bothers you. Many of us are or have been there. My experience is that fellow sufferer’s know exactly how you feel and are non-judgemental. I personally found it a liberating experience to talk openly about my hair loss and the impact it has had on my life. Please pm me or Spex if you have any questions or concerns and I look forward to meeting you on the day. Cheers Beachboy
  15. Just a heads up for all those asking about the next 'hair geek 'meet in Birmingham early June 08. Had a chat with Spex today and will be posting full details of the event over the coming weekend - watch this space! Cheers Beachboy
  16. Thanks for the positive feedback - its really appreciated. I'll post an update at the 8 month mark. Cheers and good growing to everyone!
  17. Taken in front of window in strong sunlight (hair towel dry)
  18. Guys, I'm well overdue for an update on my progress since having an HT with Dr Feller in early September 07. I'm now 6 1/2 mths out and have experienced a lot of growth. The hair that has come through is coarse and curly, but by all accounts it's to be expected, becoming straighter/more refined over time. I have thick and wavy hair which is no doubt contributing to this. I have also noticed that the growth is stronger on the right side, but again I recall a number of posters saying that they too experienced uneven growth that eventually caught up. I have to say that this has been nothing but a positive experience for me. The confidence in my appearance is improving and I find myself worrying less about how my hair looks generally. Photo's added below (can't seem to attach them to this post for some reason). Good growth to all. Beachboy
  19. Here's the details of where I got my blood work done. Just give them a call and make an appointment. Expect to have to wait in a queue to be seen (I waited about 45 minutes). If you are embarrassed about being at a clap clinic , tell them you need the results as a condition of a job contract or because you are going to work in Sudai Arabia lol. The results take about two weeks to come through and you will have to pay £30. One other point, you will need to take some formal ID - they asked me for my passport. Good luck Beachboy Southern Birmingham Community Health NHS Trust Whittall Street Clinic Department of GUM Whittall Street Birmingham B4 6DH Phone: 0121 237 5700 Males / 0121 237 5701 Females Fax: 0121 2375729 Opening times: Monday: 9am - 6pm Tuesday: 10.15am - 1pm Wednesday: 9am - 6pm Thursday: 9am - 6pm Friday: 9am - 3pm
  20. seems like you scored a direct hit PB - you said what a lot of us were thinking! And banned from HTN for you sins - tragic, not! 'If ye repent, you may be forgiven' BB
  21. HTN lost all credibility in my eyes when it admitted Farjo. I wonder how long it will be before Dr Rogers is invited to join. By the way, not being the scyophantic, toadying type, I won't be applying for the job you're advertising! BB
  22. Great news - congratulations to you both! BB
  23. You don't live in or near Nottingham do you Stan?
  24. LOL Never ceases to amaze me the number of people who are willing to share the most intimate problems with the Nation for the sake of 5 minutes of TV fame? How must their mind work - ooh, I couldn't possibly see my Dr about my hairy nipples ..... Oh dear, what should I do?, shall I just live with it? No!!, I know, I've got a great idea, I'll go on telly and tell the whole world??? Madness BB
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