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  1. i have used nourkrin for about 5 months and noticed slight sparse hair on the hairline near my forehead, but its too slight to be noticeable. how long have you used nourkrin and more importantly how long do you plan to use it for?
  2. I am in my early 30's and have thinning hair on the top part of my head since my teens. I have been using Regaine for 8 months and Nourkrin (extra strength) tablets for approx 6 months. I'm noticing some very slight changes but nothing dramatic. I'm beginning to question the monthly costs (£75 each month) versus the outcome. Does anybody know how long do you have to keep taking these? Surely there must be a cutoff point? Some people have advised me to use these products for up to a year. I would be interested in hearing people's experiences of using these products - any advice would be much appreciated. I have also been trying to re-grow my hair since my late teens and it seems to stay on the shoulder level. I would like to get it maybe a few inches below the shoulder level. The hair itself is quite fine and curly. I have my hair trimmed fairly regularly. Does anyone know whether Regaine and/or Nourkrin actually promote hair growth? Can anyone recommend any products that promote hair growth or even natural remedies? Many thanks.
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