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  1. CROWN - 3 months post op SIDE VIEW - 5 months post op Links to previous photos and discussions http://www.hairsite4.com/dc/dcboard.php?az...33752&mode=full http://www.hairsite4.com/dc/dcboard.php?az...33600&mode=full http://www.hairsite4.com/dc/dcboard.php?az...31600&mode=full
  2. Why should posting on hlh be an issue? I think hairsite and HTN are much freer environments to speak out one's mind. I have had work done by Dr. A. No associations of any other nature. I do have an association with the idea of full hair restorations and body hair transplants. I think that is the way to go. The results speak for themselves.
  3. Before BHT 9 months after 4300+ bht Email from Newmane: The story so far:- 6 small mini graft procedures throughout the eighties and nineties carried out here in the UK (Poor yield and pluggy) 2000 FU's carried out by Glenn Charles of the Shapiro ***** (Approx 50% yield) 2000 FIT carried out by Dr Cole (100% yield) 4350 BHT carried out by Dr A (Excellent yield and still growing) Dr A has my before photos if you need to compare. The photo attached gives a rough idea of how things are going, but I don't think it does me any justice as my wife has stated that my hair looks so much more fuller in person compared to the photo. Many thanks newmane
  4. Rightly stated. I had my first BHT as a 50 graft session. I think that was almost 2 years back. The new doctors would do well to perform small sessions. That will help them learn the correct method as well as avoid mistakes. That apart, it must also be recognizedthat BHT techniques are totally different than the scalp fue techniques. The doctor should make sure they learn the correct techniques before venturing into the field.
  5. I agree with that. You should also include patients whose pictures are posted from day 1 post op and who keep posting their updates. Even they do not know what their final outcome is going to be. As more results of BHT keep coming, it will become difficult for doctors to brush aside requests for BHT. They will have to learn the correct way of BHT and provide it or be left behind.
  6. Eurohair, Can you please quote the study that says that body hair has a very long telogen compared to its anagen? You won't find the rumored study. It does not exist. However, check the Fitzpatrick textbook used by dermatologists. You will find the answers there. Body hair has typically shorter telogens. NOT longer. Definitely not a few years long. The myth of a few year long telogenwas started by certain doctors who felt their technique was not good enough to give ANY growth in the transplanted body hair. It was an excuse invented to explain the low yeilds these doctors had experienced.
  7. Body hair grows long after being transplanted. How long, whether as long as on scalp, depends on the nature of the body hair growth in its original location. The more robust the body hair growth, the longer it grows after transplant. Transplanting to the scalp is like giving a boost. There is no magic rule that body hair will grow exactly like the scalp hair though.
  8. 2500 grafts in a single day?! I have never heard such a thing. From what I know, Dr. A performs something like 700 to 800 scalp FUSE grafts a day.
  9. My pictures are posted on hairsite forums. Thanks Bal. I will check out with the record I keep ofhow many body hair grafts I used. George, Have you really not seen 69sting's pictures of 5000 BHT used for repair? Link to 69sting results
  10. How old was the scar? I think it is better to use the body hair to transplant into the scar. No point using up scalp hair that could be better used in the bald area.
  11. This thread has gone way beyond its usefulness, my opinion. Lets do something constructive fellows.
  12. Consult your dermatologist before you start on Propecia. 17 is too young to dabble in hormone altering medicines that may harm sometime in the future.
  13. I have said it before, and I rieterate, a random, diffuse pattern is a must while extracting fue. This is the clearest, closest pictures that I have seen of the donor area after 1 month of extraction. Mostly, some doctors show pictures of the donor area, as if through a yellow filter or just a week after the extraction. I wish more doctors will post such quality pictures.
  14. I think this deserves some qualification. Different doctors utilize different techniques to perform BHT. Some doctors have consistency issues and do not get good yeild with body hair. Others have more consistent results to date. Its wrong to bundle all the different techniques into one ***** and say BHT is inconsistent. Strip had the same problems in early days. Will you say that strip has consistency issues, if some doctors do not get good yeild?No, you will say those doctors should check up where they can improve their technique. Its good that Dr. Feller and Dr. Cole are finally looking into ways to improve their methods. Simple innovations, like preshaving the donor areas, as advised by Dr. A, can work wonders. I hope the good doctors incorporate this simplestep in all their future BHTs.
  15. PB, Are you compulsively obnoxious or does bennstu brings this facet out in you.
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