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    Thanks for replying BadhairUK Just read through your hair transplant journey your pics and of course your results are amazing. It is really convincing me that going abroad could be the best choice ..I havn't seen many of Dr Rogers results but doesn't matter now as he is suspended, so I'm gonna check out farjo's and start my reaearch on the reputable doc's abroad aswell. So far I have seen some awsome results from hasson and wong. whats pb's site? Crazy8
  2. Hi I'm new Still wading through the mass of information about hair loss and transplantation, and realised its an absolute minefield. I'm 26 years old been losing hair by the sack load ..(well it seems like it) I started my research a few months ago...and I'm still researching the mass of information is serioulsy overwhelming not only do you have to choose between fue and strip, uk or abroad, you then have to find a reputable doc to the work, these are my thoughts so far, if the info is wrong please tell me. I was thinking of going with Dr Rogers but I've just done a search on the gmc and its says he's been suspended..I hope that info is right...so thats a no -no Farjo group seem to be doing good work but that seems to be just recently..so guess will have to wait a little bit longer Then of course there are the docs's abroad who have the better reputation. But the exchange rate is not the best. I know you must not let distance and cost be a factor but you still get nervous handing over your good earn monies to some doc abroad and if something goes wrong you gotta go back. I'm still researching the docs abroad, can anyone point me in the right direction? I hope this post doesn't ramble on too much but I just want some hair why is it so god damn hard to sort it out...ahhhh!!!! peaceout CRazy Sorry the title is meant to say newbie not Dr rogers, still new to this posting lark, if the moderator is about could you change it.. peaceout CRazy
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