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    not being bald, oh yes, and telling as many people as possible what an terrible hair transplant surgeon 'dr' rogers is.
  1. haggis


    He must be very pleased
  2. You should have told him to mind his own f##king business! surely the reason your doctor has prescribed you a drug is confidential between you and your dr.
  3. hi spex what part of london will you be in?
  4. Hi Tim, I used johnsons baby shampoo once and it made my scalp very dry and itchy and made my hair feel like straw, nasty stuff! maybe i had some sort of reaction to it. good luck with the ht
  5. hi St domingos, i want to get a scar revision, but i havent 100% decided what dr im going to yet, and whatever grafts come out with the revision get them placed somewhere. dont want to waste them!
  6. 8 months post op now, and for the last few days ive felt that ive not needed to use dermatch to make my hair look 'normal' first time in about 10 years that ive not used it, even this in itself is a massive improvement for me, at the moment ive cut my hair fairly short number 8 on top number 4 on the sides + back. only the strip scar that i use dermatch on now, hopefully this will also change after a scar revision later this year.
  7. fair enough sounds like a good plan, i didnt realise the patient was so old.
  8. Why wasnt the round spot in the front grafted? as this hair is HIGHLY likely to disappear in the future. seems silly not to get the whole lot done at the same time and be finished with it.
  9. He looks much better with some hair at the front, looks natural, i wonder where he had it done? he seems to have the same hairloss pattern as me.
  10. I'm guessing that most of those are in the UK, the results speak for themselves.
  11. dr rogers has now changed the picture on his website, and the picture i posted above thats linked to his website now says 'before and after nanogen' This is the 'new' picture now being used, a picture that i remember seeing in a leaflet at the wellesbourne clinic 10+ years ago no idea if its genuine or not.
  12. A good improvement already, much more to come yet
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