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    Hi Thanks for getting back to me, pardon my ignorance but what is avo/dut? It's really hard for my son as he's only 19 and really worried about his hair loss, it affects all the family and i want to help him anyway i can.
  2. Hi Just wondering if anyone out there has any advice for me? My son has been using regaine now for 18 months with no visible hair regrowth. then 3 months ago he started taking Propecia on a private perscription from the Doc, in anyones opinion is it still advisible to stay on the Regaine? even though he's had no re growth or stop using it and just carry on with the Propecia? I think he's frightened of coming off the Regaine in case he has had some re growth and loses it, please any advice would be really welcomejava script:emoticon('',%20'smid_3')
  3. Hi Spex, Thanks for your reply, it is so draining emotionally, i can only talk to him when he brings the subject up as it's so sensitive, whenever he's home he can't pass a mirror without looking at his hair and as he says he knows no one his age that's losing their hair, he wears his hair long as he's an art student and hates short hair, yes i do feel responsible, my dad, brother and uncle all lost their hair at an realy age, my husband is 50 next and has a full head of hair which seems cruel. just wish i could do something else for him, feel so useless.
  4. Hi I'm new to the forum and not sure if there's many women on the site? My son started to loose his hair at 16, after trying to ignore a very sensitive subject my son asked me was he going bald? It's so heartbreaking as he is really upset at the thought of losing his hair at such an early age, he went to our GP last year, he is a good doctor but was very negative with him saying he just has to accept it, ( he has a full head of hair and in his late 40's ), he's been on regaine for over a year now with no improvement at all, i got in touch with a hair loss clinic in Manchester, they were really sympathetic and recommended Propecia, they didn't try to push their prices on me and in fact told me to carry on with Regaine but buy it from minoxidil direct, my son is 19 now and at uni but his hairloss is making his life miserable and as his mum makes mine as well, i'm just hoping the Propecia helps him as i really don't know how my son would be if he lost anymore as he's so sensitive about it now, is there anyone else on the forum who started losing their hair at such an realy age
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