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    Tim Uk

    Glad to hear it all went well, well done.
  2. Spex do you think the Doctor would do FUE on me now or would it be strip again as i only want a small amount to lower hairline a little and thicken up a couple of areas.
  3. Will do my very best to come along as its about time i met you guys. Planning HT 2 maybe and would be good to see the doctor again.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMKa3x6oaG0
  5. Rome wasn't built in a day.. You can't have your cake and eat it.. The grass is always greener... Great job, grow well!!
  6. Those photos are sickening I would like to see the patients from all those clinics expose the clinic that did the work on them..... pointless i know as only tomorrow there will be yet another poor guy in the chair. Hope more guys find the forum in time
  7. Looks like in a year you will be rocking, well done!
  8. I think he went to Rogers and HG before going to see Feller for repair.
  9. Thanks for sharing this result. NW 6 Don't think so though.
  10. Spex is a top guy and possibly the most honest one around regarding HT info NW6 you planning on any work? You intending to head over to NYC to see the Fellermister?
  11. cole has many unhappy patients with dots on the back of their heads. run a search on hlh as more info there. non here, as feller is a much better fue doc and doesn't have a bad ethical track record. knock yourself out with Cole and come back tell us how it worked out ask yourself though why forums have bannd him....
  12. i do not tell the hairdresser. I did initially and told her not to cut too short but now I just say buzz it on a 4# at the sides and back and a little off the top my wife can't even find my scar You having surgery, as the scars success depends which clinic you go to
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