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  1. I would like to be in London on the 4th so you can buy me several pints........but alas, I cannot. I am going to get over the the UK at some point, so we have to hook up when that happens. Cheers, Jason
  2. Thanks Spex for helping with the updates mate =) Haven't been over here for a bit, thought I would drop by.
  3. Thanks Fella's!!!!! Again---FUE when used properly is amazing to be sure----I hope we can continue to update this patient every 2-3 months so we can see his journey!!! Cheers!! Jason
  4. Here are some 6 & 7 day post-op pics of the patient. Check out the healing in the recipient area and the donor looks great as well.
  5. Thanks Spex! Wish I was in this patients position Petchsky--- about 10 months--- we did mostly scar repairs at the beginning---I am hopeful we will be getting some patient results soon--- we do have some 5-6 month patients we did hairlines on, but they are out of town patients and getting updates is sometimes difficult. I am confident that with this patient being local we can get some updates every 2-3 months. Take Care, Jason
  6. FUE - 1397 grafts 2148 hairs - Dr. Paul Shapiro I am pleased to present a 2 Day FUE session with Dr. Paul Shapiro. This patient is a local patient (age 28) who wanted his hairline restored via FUE procedure. It's a two day session totaling 1397 grafts. The goal of 1200-1400 grafts was achieved successfully. The procedure took place Mar 3rd and 4th. 1st day - 820total....361- 1 hairs, 458- 2 hairs and 1- 3 hairs 2nd day- 577total...286-1 hairs, 291- 2 hairs Obviously, we believe this patient addressed his thinning hairline/temple regions in a subtle, safe manner---looking both at today's needs and planning for tomorrow. As I reiterated before, we want to keep sessions @ 1000 grafts or less per day--we feel the transection rate is minimal and the yield will be up to our world class standards. Because this is a local patient, we are confident we can get clear update photos from him every 2-3 months.
  7. Hi Tommy, Good question: Even though the patient was in his 40's for the 1st session, he had just started on Propecia--- so Dr. Shapiro stayed a bit conservative on him, until he #1 saw the results of his 1st procedure and #2 saw the effects of long-term use of Propecia. Of course, the patient himself waited a bit, but finally came in about 3 years later to finish up. Today, if this patient came in we would still likely do 2000 grafts, but we would still hold back a bit to see if the meds work. However, if this patient came in and had been on Propecia for a year or two, in his 40's, we would be as aggressive as 2500-3000 grafts if the patient wanted us to be in one session. Take Care, Jason
  8. 1st Surgery with Dr. Ron Shapiro - May 2005 - 1818 grafts = 3836 hairs 2nd Surgery with Dr. Paul Shapiro - March of 2008 1314 grafts - 2661 hairs Total Grafts 3121 grafts/6497 hairs Patient was in his 40's with stable hairloss and responding well to long term use of Propecia-- Given these factors we could be more aggressive with his hairline and density. Take Care, Jason
  9. 3 Session of 2000+gr = 6156 grafts/13,944 hairs total done between 1997-1999 - Dr. Ron Shapiro One of our older patients who we have not seen for 10 years came by this week for a check up. We thought it would be interesting to share the results of his work done at SMG 10-12 years ago to show the longevity of his results as well as the quality of our work 10 -12 years ago. The patient had 3 sessons of ~2000 grafts between 1997 and 1999. In 1997 2000 grafts was considered a fairly large megasession. Today it is somewhat on the smaller side. However, do you think the 3 procedure done a decade ago has stood the test of time? He is completely happy and does not feel he needs any more work. What he received is age appropriate and he's thankful Dr. Shapiro had the foresight to plan ahead into the future - even way back when. As you can see by the "before" picture quality, the pictures itself look ancient and were not intended for showcasing as a before/after result online. The HT forums were in its infancy and the pictures were taken for patient's and doctor's benefit only. Of course the quality of the cameras, showing results online, and ht techniques have evolved for the better. Take Care, Jason
  10. Hi K--- post some pics so we can see what your condition is presently, and also where you want to go. Dr. Seager was one of my favorite doctors, who could make his stick and place method really work and look great---his clinic is simply not the same with him gone. I think Dr. Feller was very close to Dr. Seager as well, Spex can probably verify that. Anyway, at SMG we do many, many repairs. It is a very unfortunate by-product of an industry without real regulation. Once we see your pics, we can get a better understanding of your situation and give you some actual input. As far as which clinic to go to, I believe should you choose H&W, Dr. Feller or SMG you will be well taken care of---certainly you won't find better treatment or results elsewhere, imho. Take Care, Jason
  11. Hey Guys-- this is a nice shot of a patient who achieved an excellent cosmetic impact to his frontal half, boosting his existing native hair, and setting up options for his second session. Patient had nice hair characteristics and his hair count is excellent as well. The goal is to effectively use available donor in the most impacting manner--I think with 2498 grafts, this was accomplished. Take Care, Jason
  12. Hey Guys(and Gals!) Shapiro Medical Group - Dr. Paul Shapiro - 1299 grafts - 2105 hairs A fairly young patient at age 28 is presented to show his new hairline at 7 months post op. Dr. Paul performed what looks to be an appropriate number of grafts to address his current concerns while looking ahead to his future. Patient surgery - 6/13/08 - Date pics taken: 1/15/09 ---If you look at the side by side pics you will see his "look" was pulled forward using a minimum # of grafts and is totally natural. Enjoy! Take Care, Jason
  13. lol--- think of it as temporary tissue expansion---- BTW--I did not get to meet bigmac--- I am currently in the middle of finals so I couldn't go up and meet him. I would have enjoyed hanging out a bit to be sure. Glad your feeling well brother. Jason
  14. Your a weiner Bri Haven't had much time to respond lately---so here's a big shout out to all my UK baldie brothers! Glad to see many of you choosing top clinics of late. Jason
  15. The heart of the issue is go to the BEST doctor, after serious research, period. At this point in time, that research is more likely to lead you to the US/Canada. Take Care, Jason
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