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  1. revivogen shampoo...if a little expensive...certainly does thicken up ones hair...and maye you should look at american crew thickening gels and shampoo's...they work a treat...but again are expensive-ish
  2. hi, i am selling procede activating formula and balancing formula for £60, not including shipping. If you read some up on this product you will know it costs about 200 dollars, about 130 pounds, and is hard to get in the uk. If you are unsure of the product read some peoples opinions and response to the treatment on hairlosshelp.com, obviously there is some good and some bad comments on the product. It is advertised as a cosmetic hair product, however there have been one or two dramatic results with long time forum users on that site, with pictorial evidence. I will sell through paypal, and shipping will take 1-2 days in the UK. Email me at j53@hotmail.com, or add me to your msn if you have any questions. thanks, i hope to hear from you soon
  3. Hi, i was wondering if any of you guys knew of doc's in london who would consider doing a small amount of work..say 100/200 units.....as i want to see what it comes out like at the hairline before i invest a great deal more money into having the crown filled in a bit, does anyone know of anyone who would consider such work?...who works out of london, and is reasonable priced?...thanks for your help, i hope to hear from someone soon
  4. hey there, yeh ive been on fluridil for aonly a few weeks...i kno its early...but it does feel like it is helping, havea read up on hairsite.com forums, alot of guys ont hat forum have used fluridil, type it in the search engine and have a read, however i must warn you, it is kinda pricey....but anyways good luck mate...oooh btw you could try Dr Lee's topical spiro instead of fluridil, i believe it is cheaper, and i have read on forums of some people finding it very effective
  5. that guys a dickhead to be suggesting a 17 year old should get a hair transplant!...mate try spiro lotion or perhaps fluridil on your temples...dnt listen to knob jockey your faaaar to young to get a HT, imagine you do..and you end up losing hair behind your HT hairline, you will look a plonker..keep to the meds/lotions for now
  6. revivogen is anti dht serum..it is supposed to reduce the dht in ur scalp..and has minimalregrowth propertys...fluridil..jst stops there being any receptors in ur hair follicles.....so the dht levels remain the same...try hairsite.com the forum there, for peeps experiences with fluridil..it dreys very quickly, and in general wosk well for peeps...at stopping hair loss...however it is not a regowth stimulant, so if your hair follicle has died, n gone to hair heaven, it aint coming back with this, this simple strengthens weakening hairs, and stops dht affecting your good hair...i understand what your saying about not wanting to use it becus of your concealer...but, what happens if the dht effects your good hair where u r using your concealer..it'l be slick bald soon enough unless you use something strong on your scalp like fluridil...propecia works systematically, and some people have great results some dnt have any, however if it does work for you, you will have to live thru big sheds every few months...but if you use a topical agent alone, or to assit a internal dht inhibitor, its a good 1-2 combo....goodluck mate...and yes tottnham hotspur...chealsea bastards beat us today, cheating shitheads..how was that ever a sending off?
  7. hey...u should really use a topical anti androgen aswell...like spiro, or fluridil..spiro smells a bit tho.....but is cheaper then fluridil..tho fluridil doesnt get absorbed systematically..anyways thats what you need sunny jim, and watch as the days turn into weeks n months..less n less hair will fall out....and this isnt becuase you will have less hair to fall out, its becuase the receptors for dht to effect your hair wont be working because of spiro/fluridil....ok?...great enjoy
  8. hey any of you mothers heard of this?....or read about it, or tryed it?..any experiences?... other forums there has been a high-ish rate of succes, so wondered if any of you had heard of it
  9. have a read about fluridil mate, its a potent topical anti androgen, ahev a read on other forums about it
  10. cheers mate...ive jst got back on proscar...and i wanted something that would inhibit dht on my scalp...try n get at it frmo both angles.....thanks for your reply
  11. you can buy 60 fincar tablets cut em up into 4's...thats 240 days worth of tablets..and if u take every other day which is suggested..then its about a year and a halfs supply..and that was or like 34 quid i think...from united pharmacy i think
  12. any1 have any thoughts on revivogen?..or used it?....apparently higher succes rate in younger users?
  13. Ive head something called L-lysine helps proscar more effective....google it...have a read for yourself
  14. Hi...basically I had heard of a product int he states called pocede, peeps said they had regrwoth from it..although it only claimed to be for an cosmetic improement. Anyway....someone suggest it was nothing but a skin peel...and helped with fibrsis...and sorting the scalp out, making i easier for regrowth. I ordered myself a TCA skin peel kit from the states about 25 dollars ....and honestly it does work very well...over a few days it peels away the scalp skin, and i have had a little regrowth, and my itchy scalp has gone..and i plan to use it every 3 months...has anybody else tryed this?...a TCA skin peel is supposed to be for scars, but liek i said some1 suggested it....what do you guys think?
  15. hmmmm...so you think the peeps who are saying they are getti results..and the hair my friend is growing with it...is some kind of placebo effect?..and regarding their selling....isnt it the affiliates selling the product..as opposed to procede..jst like a dodgy car dealer can sell a decent car?..i dnt knw..im not sticking up for it...im jst looking into it..i can se tangeable results on my friend...hence my ears pricked up abit and ive taken a lilttl bit of interest in this product
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