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  1. Hi, Thougth I should also share my experience although I read more than I post. I was using rogaine for a year with no visible results until I switched to naturalis. I have frontal regrowth now, but it is not a overnight miracle. The topical takes time to rejuvenate the scalp folllicles. My experience. Hope this helps.
  2. I use the naturalis topical which is based on extracts of Ylang ylang, Rosemary and Nettles. I used it for my frontal and side temples. I have regrowth with this product. Hope this helps.
  3. I started on propecia 2 months without the sides. On the 3rd month, I noticed a loss of libido and it got worse until a point I called it quit. I thought the dick is gone forever. The next 6 months was agonising till the libido came back. I count myself lucky compared to those who ha permanent damage to the dick. I should not have touch finasteride in the first place. I switched to naturalis topical.
  4. letting the doctor cut up any part of you should be a major decision after considering the any side effects or potential damage. This is a last resort not the first option. My take.
  5. Dj, My advice is to start with topical first and avoid pills for a start such as propecia or proscar as they have known reported sides effects for some folks. I started without pills and is quite happy with my progress. I am receding on the side temples and frontal. I am currently using the hair topical naturalis and have positive results. The others are rogaine and spiro, i heard from other forums, folks have results with them also.
  6. Jake, Take my advice, take care of the kidney first . Treat your hair loss last. Forget about even starting on propecia, minoxidil. consult your doctor for your kidney problem first.
  7. some folks here had postive result on the frontal hair loss using the naturalis hair treatment. I am using it fo r 2 mths and going onto my 2nd jar. There is sparse regrowth on my receeding temple. I sticking with it as I felt that it is working for me.
  8. Finasteride has side effects for 2% only? Are you aware?
  9. Hmm,interesting. Hope I can grow a bushy moustache on propecia.
  10. I agreed , just do a search of other forums and you will see the numerous posts of other users who have experienced side effects. Of course, there are also numerous posts from other users who have claimed to have solutions for the side effects. The question then would be, why risk the potential nasty side effects by taking the med when there are other alternatives.
  11. Hi Georgie, Are you still on Regaine. How is the progress? Do you experience any side effect?
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