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  1. ok cheers s.a.f, just one more thing, when they did the first studies for enlarged prostate, do you know if they tested them on men of a mixed aged *****, ie 18 - 45, not just over 40 ?
  2. Ok so i might sound really stupid asking this, but .. Is there a way to find out how much DHT your body produces, ie a blood test of some sort? I mean being young i figaure my body will create more testorone, therefor the DHT levels will be higher than that of somebody double my age, so maybe an increased dose of proscar is needed for younger people to get the real effect of it? I mean when they first did stuides of proscar for an enlarged prostate I'm assuming they did all there tests on older men, as younger men never really get effected by that do they? and they were all on 5mg doses which is alot more than the recommended 1mg of propecia, I've no idea what im talkin about to be honest Lol, so feel free to clear things up
  3. hey s.a.f yes it is rather distressing being so young and everything, i try not to let it get to me to much, but sometimes i cnt help it! I will be on fin asap and im already on regaine, my gramps was completly bald b4 he passed away at 70, my father who is 55 is probably a 5 on that nw scale, so i think i am the worst of the family so far, i think because i wore a cap for so long, i never really let my hair breathe as the cap made me feel more secure about myself, anyway i'm going to use everything at my disposle and just hope for the best really! cheers guys
  4. Daz

    Norton Clinic

    hahahaha at the st peter joke!! i just seen what that norton clinic did to BHUK, he should be shot!
  5. hey hairroot, your hair looks great, i have a few questions, how many grafts in total have you had, thats including all HT's you've had? and were you on any med's proscar/regaine etc, once again, great result mate, you must be really pleased
  6. ok cheers spex, ill be on the big three by the end of the month so i will get back to you in say 6 months time and take some pics, and go from there, thanks again for being so informative and kind! wish me luck!
  7. From what i've seen and what i see before me now, i'd say it wasn't looking to good, being a resident of the uk, i was only interested in having a HT in the uk, and dr rogers name came up a few times, however after seein these pictures, its just more proof that America is the way to go! Hope the hairs come through in the next 6 months and thanks for lettin us see your pictures, i read the other topic that dr rogers started regarding your HT, he seemed a bit hesitant to answer dr fellers questions and he didnt seem to keen on showin his patients pictures, maybe because the work he had done on them wasnt that good ? who knows, i wouldnt of had a HT if i was you anyway, your hair looked just fine as it was, very thick and healthy!
  8. To everyone who replied to my last post, here are my pics as of today, sorry about the quality, i used an old webcam i found, but u can see where im thinin on top and where my hairline no longer exists
  9. hey s.a.f, ive opened up a new topic in the hair transplant section with 4 pictures of my hair loss, quality isnt the best but you can still see where im thinin on top and my hairline has gone so far bk its in the land of narnia! Lol! spex will this pics be ok for you to show Dr feller? Just 6 months ago my crown and top was very thick and healthy, its only since xmas its thinned out, its crazy how fast it happens! cheers
  10. hey pondle cheers for all that info, i agree with you on the proscar, couldnt believe how cheap dr ashcroft got it for, im going to pop down the bank monday and send him a bank transfer, he hasnt replied to my emails yet but i can imagine he is a very busy guy so once the money has sent i shall give him a quick call to let him know, i will use the rest of my regaine and then buy that generic stuff once ive run out, and next time im in town ill get hold of some nizoral, i hope it all works for me, i dnt have any bald patches, but i am thinnin out alot and when my hair is either dry or wet, u can see my scalp which isnt very flattering ! cheers
  11. hey stevo hey PB, cheers guys! I'm so glad i stumbled accross this forum before I went and made any final decisions, I'm working hard at the moment, saving up for a HT as i'm only 22 and i only earn around £1200 a month, so I hope by xmas time I will be ready to go ahead and have one as i know its the only solution to my hair line, which i want back so much, its my youth and it would make me feel amillion times better about myself, in the mean time tho im going to stick to using regaine/proscar (1mg) and possibly nizoral, i also take mulitvitamins daily. Only question i have really at the moment is whats the difference, if any, between Regain extra strength availble at £49.99 for a 3 month supply, and Members marks minoxidil, at £39.99 for a 12 month supply, you never know who to trust online these days, so advice about that would be good, cheers!
  12. hey sam good luck with your quest to beatin your hair loss man, im trying to do the same thing, hopefully this time next yr ill b a differnt man!
  13. ok cool its the same site i was refering to, but the site doesnt look to legit to me, so that is why i was a bit skeptical, i mean a yr supply cost less than a 3 month supply of the regaine im gettin, it does make u wonder, just wanted to make sure i was using the good stuff, have you ever used minoxidil before? i won't have to buy anymore regaine untill september anyway as ive only just began on my supply so
  14. Cheers spex, one thing u can help me with is the cost of regaine and the best place to get it, i mentioned in my post above that website, jus wondering what stuff are you using? i mean money isn't evreything, but if i can save some in the process it wouldnt hurt eh ; ) also these headaches im gettin, did you ever experience anything like that while using it? daz
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