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  1. Yes to be honest the donor thing was what I was most worried about but I'm quite lucky in that my hair is thick and very dense so it shouldn't be a problem. To answer another question it cost about £4200 for the 1300 FUE grafts, without the refund from Dr Rogers I wouldn't have been able to afford it.
  2. Spex, I hadn't even realized! I think me having two logins stems from my initially registering and forgetting if there was a . or not! Anyway, thought I'd log in under the other to keep you happy! Dr Bisanga did comment on the low graft count from the previous HT, however I complained about this a few months ago with Rogers and he accepted it wasn't the result expected and I got a part refund of £3000. PB the pics just show very small extractions holes and a red area where the recipient site is! I suppose I'm just wary because they wont prove it was successful and I don' want to tempt fate! Once burnt...
  3. Hi all, I know some may be holding out posting pictures because they fear criticism but I do not think this should be the case. I am aware that the pictures I posted are not the final result but thought it only fair as others had posted 6 months pics and it allows for direct comparison. We should not be afraid of posting pics as we should remember results are not our fault! Okay there have been some negative comments in the past ref choice of doctor but it seems to me that most people on here have been burnt at some point and there is no smugness just a common goal! On that note good luck pb, carter and especially you BAL!
  4. Dear all, I have obviously been disapointed by the results so far but I do appreciate Dr Rogers coming on here to post and I do believe that by coming on here it indicates that he does care about what result I will obtain. I suppose I can only cross my fingers and wait as at the moment there isn't really any cosmetic difference at all. I can only say how good these forums are and thanks you all for being my support ***** , I will continue to post at perhaps 9 months and then a year. All I can really do is encourage others to post who have been to Dr Rogers good result or poor and to share experiences and photos and the same for Dr Rogers himself. Out of the clearly hundreds of people who have been surely someone else can get involved even off their own bat? ps: just to clarify I did have some growth from 3 months, the hairs were thick straight away and thought "here we go hairsville" but alas not the case! Anyway, back to the mirror..... The word it starred out above was "*****", is this a bad word now?! Okay this is silly........ g-r-o-u-p please computer don't edit it its not a bad word!
  5. Thanks all for the words of encouragement, I'm not a demanding person by nature but I did expect to have more by now than I have. Well, much more to be honest! In reply to my "mature" hairline (gently put thank you!) I was not even expecting a full on wall of hair but would have been happy with a natural softening of the recession rather than the horseshoe shape I have which is very sudden (from really thick hair to no hair in about 1mm!). By the sound of it many of you know what it's like to go through the HT, give over that much cash and then most painful of all sit and watch expectedly only for nothing to happen. I know I will have to wait a few more months but I am now just accepting that it's not going to be what I had hoped for
  6. It would be nice to see if any other Rogers patients lurking out there had similar results at 6 months and went on to be okay or could post any pics? Any takers?
  7. Hello all, Yes indeed not good ey? I cannot think of a single thing I could have done more to help it along to be honest. I left the area completely undisturbed, slept upright, allowed water to run over it after a few days etc.... The thing I am most concerned with is the fact that I have really thick hair and it SHOULD have been a really good result. I know it's only six months but there has been hardly any growth. I didn't post the pics to get encouraging remarks by the way so don't worry (!), it was to allow other to make an informed decision in the future. Some money back in my bank account certainly wouldn't hurt , I know "results vary" but...
  8. Hello all! Well this is my first post, I have read the forums for some time now and thought it only fair to give back so that others can benefit. I am now 6 months on from a FUE HT with Dr Rogers in the UK, 1000 in total just into the temples. I promised myself I would post no matter what the results to give a true accurate representation of results and enable other people to make an informed decision. My hair loss is limited to the temples only but this was a complete loss and combined with my very thick dark hair looks very severe (I would prefer it to have just thinned all over). Propecia worked wonders for me and resulted in complete cessation of loss in my temples, some re-growth and thickening and the same at the crown which had just started to show thinning (not any more). Not saying it will work for all but it did for me. Anyhoo, when I decided to go for the HT travelling to the US wasn't an option (for reasons I wont go into) so I went for Dr Rogers (I HAD to do something). The procedure was painless but costly (£5000) and it scabbed a lot. The scabs did not come off for at least 3 weeks but I had no bleeding and eventually when they came off the small hairs came with them. From then on it was very slow growth, the occasional sprouter only and to be honest I was waiting for a bit of a flurry but this didn't come and looking at other peoples 6 month growths I realise that I am a long way off. I started to take MSM at about 5 months but cant really tell what difference this has made. I have cut some of the transplanted hairs short (hence how it looks in the pics) just because it looks a bit sillywith them long. I cant really see too many hairs coming through at the moment and would welcome comments from others and Dr Rogers on my progress. Just to say thanks to you all for your past posts as it has been a wealth of information and I wish you all the best for the future. I will answer any Q's and keep you updated through the year.
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