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  1. ccs

    Sad News

    PB was a fantastic support and help to me on and off the forum during my research. I owe him a great deal! The forum has lost a very valuable member
  2. Looks great well done
  3. Here is a 9 month picture Very happy so far with the result!! I can't even find the scar
  4. ccs


    I have not been around for a while and thought i would take a couple of minutes to let you know where i am at. I am now at the 7month stage and very happy with how things are finally progressing. The first 5 months were very long but i can really see the difference now The growth is still coming in or at least a recent wave and I now understand why people say you need to wait to see the results. The trick now that i have found is to not look at you hair for as long as possible and then you can see the diffence a little clearer I just wanted to report back in as the forum was a great help to me and i know how important it is to hear from people who are ahead of you in the whole process growth wise. I am only now at 7 months and i must admit spex's posts about be patient and wait for it to grow; All make sense now Before everyone asks i will get some pictures as soon as i can
  5. ccs


    All the best Stevo, you are in the best hands possible
  6. Tommy2, well done! Your hair looks great and what an improvement since month 7 Very nice result!!
  7. Looks really good Martin, well done and only 6 months
  8. ccs

    Crabbs Ht

    I had a bit of prolonged redness, it will go
  9. F@ckin amazing what can be done when you get it done right!! Congrats Bahairuk, you must be over the moon. I can't believe what they did to you at Nobel, disgraceful!!! You deserve the best and you got it with Feller.!!!! Well done!!!!!!
  10. You have chosen well Bam. Be patient from here on in
  11. Just to let you all know that christmas has come early in my house as i have officially stated to sprout!! I can honestly say I can see a great number of new buds poking through!! Thanks santa!!! Wishing you all a great xmas and a very hairy 2007!
  12. Merry christmas everyone!
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