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    Thanks patchyp. I have not received an email from Marcia at Dr Fellers with the hotel recommendations . I have had trouble with getting emails through to her also though I leave to go travelling in three weeks and also need to get some blood work done which she said she would send when i spoke to her over the phone, which i have not received either. I must say i have not been overly impressed with them on this front.
  2. Bullinut, i read your story and it's remarkable. I read a lot about Shapiro and he sounds like a great doctor. Big difference from Norton who I have personal experience with too. Looking at your pictures you are going to look great soon.
  3. Slaps, do you have an email address i might be able to contact you on?
  4. Thanks. I will do just got to sort out hotel now. Where would you all recommend?
  5. fox


    I am having a surgery with Dr Feller in March and wondered which hotel people recommend?
  6. I am new here and read all the forums and i especially like this one http://hair-restoration-info.com/eve/forums for the variety of information. I was unlucky and went to the Hospital group and Norton and now intend to get myself repaired with Dr Feller in March. I have met a couple of Dr Fellers patients and i was very impressed. I have spent over a year looking into this and i only wish i had found the forum sooner, like most i am sure Plucking up the courage to post has been an issue for me so i just wanted to say hi
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